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Walmart is a worldwide company occupying a solid stance in many countries. One of the world’s biggest retailers and providers of digital services right now is Walmart. When it launched its first store in 1950s, Walmart swiftly expanded into a sizable multi-product department store company (Lisbeth et al., 2020). The company has adopted human resources techniques to its benefit. Some of Walmart’s most talented workers have been kept thanks to its effective human resources department. The Walmart human resources team has given them the tools they need to accomplish the organization’s objectives and take action that will maximize employee growth and engagement. The human resource posture of Walmart assesses the company’s potential in various aspects, indicating its pros and cons, as well as areas of future development.

Benefits and Compensation

In general, Walmart is consistent with its ability to offer all of its employees’ decent benefits and solid employment. The company frequently emphasizes its strategy for attracting, hiring, and guiding highly qualified personnel. For the purpose of luring a diverse, creative workforce, Walmart is attempting to establish a strong culture and invest in its employees. Whether an employee is establishing a career with Walmart or honing skills to assist on their professional path, the company is committed to giving them the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed (Phillips & Rozworski, 2019). The benefits program of Walmart is related to its objectives of luring in the best candidates for employment. Dental, medical, prescription medication, and vision insurance are among Walmart’s incentives (Corporate Walmart, 2021). From hourly workers to top executives, Walmart provides parents extensively, flexible paid time off (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Additionally, workers receive paid time off, holiday overtime compensation, general wellness resources, and Walmart discount rates (Thompson, 2019). Employee help programs are free at Walmart for all workers. For its staff, the corporation also carries basic life, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance (Corporate Walmart, 2021). The firm also offers short-term and long-term disability insurance (Thompson, 2019). Walmart takes pride in providing fantastic employment with excellent benefits to all of its workers. The Career Choice Program at Walmart is open to both full-time and part-time employees (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Most of the courses’ fee is covered by the Career Choice Program, and employees can advance in the abilities needed to become future professionals through this program.

Business Leadership and Strategy

Offering quick and high-quality service to clients is Walmart’s strategic objective. Leaders in human resources are seen as important motivators who promote growth and transformation within a business. By gaining a thorough grasp of the company’s operations and collaborating with its people’s plan, human resources may bring value. They can guarantee that their company is a fantastic place to work in this way. The HR department also finds and recruits the right candidates at the appropriate time (Lisbeth et al., 2020). They get advantages from increasing the retention of their core personnel. The key strategy is that the future leaders must be developed by the company, and they must be able to communicate effectively.

Walmart’s leadership has the capabilities, expertise, and capacity to support the firm in implementing strategy. In this regard, the department of human resources plays a crucial role in the accomplishment of the company’s strategy by generally managing the upkeep and organization of the staff. They oversee the organization’s workforce and disperse human resources services that cater to the requirements of both the workforce and the business (Corporate Walmart, 2021). The human resources division of Walmart must match its strategy with that of the company.

Walmart is developing a framework for including employees in the company plan by factoring human resources interests into the strategy. The efficacy of communications with employees will improve as a result. An important part of Walmart’s business strategy is the allocation of resources to address strategic issues (Thompson, 2019). The human resources division has to make sure that job descriptions are well-written in order to identify the resources needed to carry out the tasks. Employees at Walmart who are capable of carrying out a variety of duties and responsibilities in order to advance the company’s objectives are aware of this. The firm is aware that one of the most crucial factors in any company’s success is its employees and workers. The CamperForce initiative is only one example of how Walmart actively uses remote workers or flexible workplaces when employing new employees (Lisbeth et al., 2020). The program was created for people who spend all or part of their time living in vehicles traveling around. During the busiest retail seasons, they support the warehouse personnel. By fostering a collaborative work environment, Walmart leadership fosters self-respect in working relationships with workers and employees (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Any company’s workplace should be favorable to achieving both collective and individual goals inside the company.


The presence of diversity in the workplace fosters an atmosphere of respect among workers. In the e-commerce sector, Walmart deals with individuals from various backgrounds. Because people are unique, they present many alternatives. According to Walmart’s strategy, employing individuals with various traits promote creativity and offers a variety of viewpoints and ideas (Lisbeth et al., 2020). It is crucial to hire personnel who have the qualifications for each position inside the company. An organization that values diversity will hire more individuals to fill open positions so that it can appeal to people from diverse backgrounds. Walmart’s HR administration makes sure that the positive aspects of diversity in the workplace are accepted and that nobody is treated worse than other employees just because of how they vary from them (Phillips & Rozworski, 2019). The recruiting plan for mentoring places a high priority on human resources. The fundamental responsibility of HR experts is to give every employee the chance to advance their skills and help the business flourish. All employee concerns must be addressed, and those issues must be evaluated as they arise, according to Walmart statements (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Additionally, they must practice the legal facets of employing, terminating, paying, and managing people. They must also study business tactics.

Being the most customer-centric firm in the world is vital to Walmart’s capacity to work with a variety of people. The company’s human resources management hires individuals from a range of academic institutions, collaborates with international organizations, and promotes non-traditional learning routes in order to help Walmart swiftly find talent (Lisbeth et al., 2020). Early on, Walmart received criticism for having a largely male and white staff. The company, in response, has taken action to make its workplace more inclusive as a result. Their inclusive and varied staff significantly contributes to the growth of their company. Walmart’s key incentive is reflected in the attitude that values variety, all forms of talent, and all points of view (Corporate Walmart, 2021). The company works hard to ensure that each person realizes their full potential.

Employee Relations

The key to an organization’s success is to keep the employer-employee connection robust. The leadership group is in charge of making sure that connections between workers remain positive. Walmart attempts to make sure that employee interactions are positive for the business as a whole as well as for the individual workers. As stated in numerous reports, employees must have faith in their identity, their job, and their place in a successful firm for there to be good employee relations (Corporate Walmart, 2021). The welfare of the workers is Walmart’s first priority (Thompson, 2019). Any successful firm may have a strong foundation built on its employees. There are often untapped knowledge and idea sources among employees in this regard. The importance of employee participation in decision-making cannot be overstated.

Relationships with employees are crucial to Walmart’s strategy, and employee performance and engagement are key factors in determining an organization’s success. One of the sections of human resources that deals with every aspect of employment are this one. To successfully handle challenges at work, company professionals need to be skilled in any required field. Making an atmosphere that caters to individual requirements is key to developing an effective employee relationship strategy (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Employees ought to like their jobs and the workplace. Future leaders’ growth, performance, and development must make organizations feel good. Positive employee relations are crucial at Walmart, while the leadership at the company gains profits by being motivated and capable of making adjustments as necessary.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethics and social responsibility are a part of strategic planning for Walmart and its branches. Organizations are given guidance by ethics, which aids them in achieving their purpose, goals, objectives, and vision. Ethics guarantees that strategic planning is carried out in a way that benefits all of an organization’s stakeholders, including its customers, staff, and even the neighborhood in which it works (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Walmart’s code of ethics was created to aid in personal growth. One of the most crucial principles in the code of ethics is honesty.

Walmart made sure that ethics are incorporated into its strategic planning, starting with the establishment of clear ethical goals and standards, demonstrating a commitment to those goals and standards. It also facilitates expressing ethical expectations and educating staff on how to adopt ethical goals and standards, as well as analyzing and examining the behavior of employees’ decisions (Corporate Walmart, 2021). The manager and other supervisors are required to operate in an ethical way that their team members may aspire to.

Walmart is progressively increasing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in response to these concerns and placing a high priority on having a good social and environmental impact on its business model. Walmart reiterates its dedication to putting people and the environment first and is pushing for a fair and transparent global supply chain (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Walmart added more detailed and stringent restrictions to its business rules controlling supply chain practices and standards in 2020. Walmart’s main CSR initiative, the sustainable sourcing, was introduced in 2005 and still being developed encouraging businesses to reach zero yearly carbon emissions by 2030 (Corporate Walmart, 2021). How Walmart manages its commitment and responsibility will be keenly watched since it is anticipated that environmental restrictions will only become more rigorous.

Organizational and Employee Development

Walmart encourages its staff to concentrate on fostering individual and organizational uniqueness. Managers regularly examine current performance and pinpoint critical areas for improvement by implementing an organization and staff development plan (Phillips & Rozworski, 2019). These plans may serve as instruments for carrying out the organization’s strategy and helping employees acquire the abilities they need to be successful. The organization’s leadership supports and promotes organizational growth as a long-term process (Ionescu & Bolas, 2019). As stated by Walmart, the goal of organizational development is to increase organizational effectiveness while upholding the organization’s principles and culture (Corporate Walmart, 2021). The company makes its aims to constantly encourage a learning culture to search for chances to develop.

Employees are considered an organization’s most valuable resource and its foundation. Employee development aids in the growth and support of staff members so they may become dependable resources for the firm and benefit the growth the productivity of the company (Ionescu & Bolas, 2019). Through staff development initiatives, Walmart employees are more qualified for their jobs and have greater education. The UpSkill America initiative, which looks at methods to invest in employee training and career development, is one of the development approaches that Walmart has explored in collaboration with several universities (Corporate Walmart, 2021). For a variety of staff development initiatives, including pre-employment training and internships, the organization offers a number of collaborations.

Talent Management

Personnel management is usually seen as an organization’s endeavor to recruit, retain, and develop the greatest talent on the market. To recruit the most suitable and qualified people, Walmart also utilizes talent management as a business strategy. A company’s whole HR operations completely incorporate talent management as a business strategy (Heathfield, 2019). HR managers and executives from throughout the firm are primarily responsible for driving initiatives in talent management. Walmart’s talent management’s primary objective is to develop a motivated staff that will stick with the company for the long run (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Although a firm has a strong Human Resources department, the best outcomes require a talent management plan that is customized and revised regularly.

The organization’s goals are supported by the talent management plan, which should also make it crystal apparent what kind of talent is required. Based on the talent management strategy, Walmart creates a talent management process. Walmart, in this regard, has excelled in creating creative organizational solutions, talent acquisition strategies, and learning strategies. Consumer Talent Strategy, Management, and Growth (CTSMD) are creative and entertaining approaches to corporate development, talent management, and training for a variety of workers (Thompson, 2019). This gives the company an edge over many firms in the market and enables it to draw in and keep top-tier professionals.


The technology significantly affects how well a business operates. On a local and big scale, technology is a must for any firm. Technology’s main purpose in a company is to spur expansion and enhance operations. Additionally, it raises the organization’s production and effectiveness. Technology has made it possible for both consumers and employees to get access to all the information they need to connect with a company successfully (Corporate Walmart, 2021). HR professionals may make the most of the resources available on the market to maintain an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency by utilizing the appropriate technologies in the appropriate manner. The influence of technology on businesses has grown to enhance internal communication and advance their capacity to provide value to their clients.

These days, technology is employed to streamline procedures and assist Walmart employees in carrying out their regular tasks in a tech-friendly workplace. The business, including its personnel, employs technology advantages to complete all of the duties assigned. Walmart gathers significantly more data than typical businesses use to do this and analyses it in a highly sophisticated scientific manner (Corporate Walmart, 2021). Walmart has been able to achieve significant advancements in the management of people, employees, and the whole organization because of the actionable insights provided by this data and research. Walmart’s dedication to innovation and protection of risk-takers is the secret to its success (Phillips & Rozworski, 2019). All Walmart team members are required to continuously seek out novel and imaginative solutions to issues.

Best Practices in Human Resource Management

The organization’s strategic strategy and human resource management are connected via a variety of HRM practices used by Walmart. The business regularly updates its human resources strategy since both the internal and external surroundings are ever-changing. Planning for human resources is a crucial strategy that Walmart will keep employing to further its objectives. Many different best practices have been demonstrated to boost organizational performance. In the case of Walmart, numerous of them are utilized. Walmart’s HRM goal is to make knowledge readily available to people who need it (Corporate Walmart, 2021). The Walmart Human Resources Resource Institute’s strategy books and tutorials are a fantastic illustration of this. To assist someone in developing a successful HR strategy, AHRI has compiled a comprehensive list of HR strategy manuals (Corporate Walmart, 2021). The duties and responsibilities list at Walmart is well-documented and using it can help to rapidly understand how to define each employee’s tasks at work and how to make an HR strategy that is specific to your requirements. Teaching relevant skills is another essential technique. As was already noted, Walmart collaborates with several organizations and provides its staff with a variety of training and development opportunities.


Walmart is committed to developing sustainable and inclusive human capital. The goal of encouraging cooperation in corporate management is shared by managers and executives. In order for Walmart employees to continue achieving the company’s aims and objectives, management is essential. The organization’s objectives and duties must be in line with the daily activities of the human resources division. Walmart’s unprecedented growth and earnings trajectory are absolutely impressive. The majority of the criticism leveled at Walmart so far has been on its stances on labor rights, environmental sustainability, supply chain transparency, and community engagement initiatives in the locations where its headquarters are located. Reacting to it, the company made a great effort in promoting diversity and fair opportunities and optimizing its HRM practices. Despite minor adjustments, it can be said that Walmart has one of the most multilayered and optimized human resources postures in the modern business world. It is beneficial to adopt some of the company’s policies and closely monitor its further development.


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