Communication Technology Conflict with Organizational Culture

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Theories such as institutional theory have assisted public understanding of how and why companies implement IT into their structure and operations at the institutional level. Human agency problems and IT preparation concepts have also offered valuable insights into how people react to and perform IT in their daily work, sometimes resulting in expected and occasionally surprising outcomes (Driskill, 2018). These later theories are primarily concerned with comprehending the modifications that occur as a result of individuals’ placed usage of IT. They choose to adopt characteristics of an IT that are relevant to their circumstance while disregarding other aspects of the IT.

The IT-culture disagreement concept, which takes a value-based approach to culture, outlines three possible conflicts that may develop during IT deployments: system, vision, and contributions problems. Imperfection between two or more sets of values, such as a member of the group value systems, values encoded in a specific type of technology, and IT culture, results in these three types of competitiveness (Bolman & Deal, 2017). The weights held by individuals and groups that represent what is essential to the organization are referred to as teamwork ideals (Felipe et al., 2017). IT is symbolic, and when people use communication to connect, standardize procedures, and exchange information, IT values develop through time.

A rigorous execution strategy to tackle the fundamental mismatch between company culture and the SMS’s values succeeded in reshaping the SMS’s values and workplace structure. Both management buy-in and staff opposition were resolved through SMS deployment (Koch et al., 2013). By portraying the SMS as a tool to drive cultural change and solve pressing issues, it was able to gain executive support. Ambassadors were picked for their authority and responsibility within lines of business, their esteem in their workgroup, their grasp of SMSs, and their desire to develop methods to incorporate SMSs into their work environment.


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