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If you want to figure out whether your text is written by a human or a machine, you can easily check it on our website. Simply paste your text into box and click “Process”. Follow the prompts, and your results will be ready in seconds!
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🔎 AI-Generated Essay Checker: Introduction

If you’re checking out this article, you might doubt the authenticity of your written work. We understand that quality and originality are your top priorities, whether an essay or a paper. Sometimes you toil away on a piece, only to discover it was flagged as AI-made. This article will ensure that you never ask the “Is my essay AI-generated?” question again.

Of course, not everybody is honest or hardworking. People often use machine technology as a prime source or rely entirely on it. Our article will help you analyze your essay writing through the AI-generated essay checker and teach you how to do this manually. How exactly do you use this guide in your work? Let’s find out together!

How Does AI-Generated Essay Checker Work?

We developed this tool using advanced machine learning technology. It highlights AI-made text by reviewing a database of words favored by these platforms and comparing them to ones in analyzed work. The more patterns the tool finds in the text, the higher the likelihood it is AI writing. To use our detector:

  1. Paste the text (up to 4500 characters).
  2. Add a description or an essay title.
  3. Click the “Process” button.
  4. Get a breakdown of the text and the probability of it being AI-made.

🤖 How to Check If My Essay Is AI-Generated with AI Detector

We’ve prepared a detailed guide about working with our AI content finder and decoding the analysis of your paper’s quality. We are sure that its content will erase any doubts about working with our tool and the effectiveness of its results. Let’s find out how to use its features together.

AI Detection: Top Words Count

There are certain words that AI solutions often use in texts. Our tool shows their number in the analyzed works by tapping into a vast database. After the AI-generated essay checker evaluates the text, you’ll get see a chart with the following data tables:

🟢 Green Top 10 words favored by AI tools
🟡 Yellow Top 50 words likely to be used by machines.
🔴 Red Top 500 words AI is less likely to utilize.
🟣 Purple Words that are uncommon for machine texts.

The more red and purple highlighted words in a text, the more likely a human wrote it. A high level of green and yellow words in the analyzed work shows that a chatbot likely made it.

AI Detection: Fraction of Probability & Analysis

To make your analysis more detailed, you must understand the probability of a word being used by Chat GPT or similar software. Our tool provides this information in a “fraction of probability” diagram. It does the following:

  • Shows how probable it is for an AI to use a particular word.
  • The lower it is, the higher the likelihood the text has a human origin.
  • Each word can be clicked to see its probability ratio.
  • You can replace them with the top 5 options the tool provides.

It’s possible to switch between the “fraction of probability” diagram and the analysis results to have a clear picture of the work.

🔬 Test If Essay Is AI-Generated – Methods to Check

Here, we gathered the most effective methods of analyzing texts without using specialized essay checkers. Your work will reach a new level of quality through a combination of our platform and your efforts.

Check if the sources are credible. Research the sources used in its content to ensure the article is accurate. They must be credible and provide relevant information. Otherwise, the text looks as if an AI writer worked on it.
Check if the piece offers personal opinions. AI content often provides many facts and figures without any deeper context. Nonetheless, AI writer makes a paper without personal opinion and touch.
Check if the information is accurate. Chatbots like the one from OpenAI often work with outdated information, making papers less accurate. Ensure that each piece of info is factually correct.
Check for repeating words and phrases. AI writing doesn’t work well when using synonyms or rephrasing. Finding many repetitions in a piece of writing is a red flag that a machine made it.
Check out sentence composition. This technology can mimic human writing, but only when it comes to simple and short sentences. If you find many of these in your work, it could be AI writing.
Check if the text has the same style and tone. The best indicator that artificial intelligence is behind a text is its narrative’s lack of a personal tone. People like to add comparisons, jokes, and puns to their style. Machines don’t.

✨ Is My Essay AI-Generated: Improve AI Content

This section is dedicated to teaching you how to improve your texts and make them more authentic. Several easy methods can elevate AI writing to new heights of originality and quality. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective tips.

  1. Use the most recent data. When working on a piece of writing, include the latest information in your field. It is especially true for complex scientific papers, as these disciplines have regular new developments.
  2. Make sentences unique. All papers must be engaging and informative for your professors. Otherwise, people won’t be interested in them. Try making your sentences pop with unique structure and content whenever you can.
  3. Provide correct information. When you write essays or other papers, always check the credibility of sources. This directly influences the type of data presented in the finished work.
  4. Spruce up the paper with personal thoughts. A well-written essay shouldn’t read like a data-sheet or medical instructions. It’s your work and has to include personal opinions on presented facts. Otherwise, it’s indistinguishable from AI writing.
  5. Give detailed explanations and descriptions. College students sometimes give the plainest descriptions in their papers. Ensure your explanation of concepts, events, or figures is thorough and relevant. Give some insight into your personal experience with them when necessary.

We sincerely hope you found our guide and valuable tool in your quest for a perfect paper. Check out our FAQ section for any questions about making unique AI content. By the way, take a look at our other beneficial study apps!

❓ AI Generated Essay Checker – FAQ

❓ Can you tell if something is AI generated?

The simplest way to establish this is by using specific tools. They can detect machine-made images, music, and text. Our AI-generated essay checker works the same way. If you want to analyze the text, look for outdated and incorrect data, a uniform and short sentence structure, repetition, and a lack of a personal touch.

❓ How do you make an AI essay undetectable?

Several factors can get you past an AI detection tool. First, make the writing fit your unique style that is consistent throughout your works. Second, avoid being too formulaic and repetitive. Look for synonyms, or try rephrasing. Third, make the piece unique through personal experience and anecdotes.

❓ Can an AI detector be wrong?

As with all machines, AI detectors aren’t always accurate but will usually provide good analysis. Our AI-generated essay checker detects machine-made content in 99% of cases, but there’s a slight chance you’ll occasionally hit a false positive. If you have doubts, double-check the text or conduct a manual evaluation.

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