Changes in Challenges in Human Resource Management

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The past two decades were shaped by social, economic, and technological changes in the world, which affected every business out there and every HR manager. Some recruitment challenges no longer exist, while others have emerged and require solutions. One is social media, which was not present in the lives of the employees of the 2000s. Hiring through social media speeds the process and targets a wider population but also complicates workers’ background checks and sometimes requires monitoring time online (Heathfield, 2019). Moreover, technological advancement and changes in the state of the world brought forward an out-of-office workforce. Although it provides many great opportunities for workers, one of which is increased work efficiency, managing staff remotely is a skill that many have yet acquired (Westfall, 2019). Lastly, the era of globalization and modernization that began recently allows inviting more workers from overseas (Heathfield, 2019). While such foreign expertise is associated with progress and competence, an HR manager might be forced to resolve many issues related to cultural differences. As such, the changes over time both ease and complicate the work of Human Resources professionals.

Personally, I have had an experience and suffered consequences of poor remote management during the lockdown related to the recent spread of the global pandemic. Some employees working from home took work hours less seriously, resulting in multiple occasions of missed deadlines, lateness, and meetings prolonged due to their incompetence. Applying industrial-organizational psychology can address such challenges in the workplace. The approach of conducting appropriate studies on organizational behavior would be most appropriate. Additionally, setting clear goals in order to motivate workers to follow a work schedule and ensuring they understand the need to follow it is necessary.


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