The P-O-L-C (Employee) Framework at the SAS Company

Topic: HR Management
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SAS is one of the best employers in the corporate domain, and its core principle is making employees happy. The company believes that contented employees are more productive and uses the P-O-L-C framework to implement employee satisfaction programs.


The fitness programs, daycare programs for babies, and other intrinsic motivation programs conducted by Mr. Goodnight prove that the organization uses 100% of the framework. The framework’s planning stage is manifested through preparing daycare and medical programs for the staff. Effective planning makes daycare services delivered appropriately, and the workers are always content and stress-free. The robust plan enables them to take their children for lunch in the company cafeteria. The provisions for children’s services align with the planning facet because it is budgeted to make workers less stressed about their children.

The organization is the second part of the P-O-L-C framework, which ensures synchronization between human and financial resources to ensure people are comfortable and happy with what they do. The management has organized only 35 hours of work per week as the jobs are well arranged for work and work-life balance. When the number of hours is reduced, the employees have time to relax and return fresh and rejuvenated the following day. The massage sessions organized by the management ensure that employees are relaxed and are aligned to the facet as it ensures the number of hours does not overwhelm the staff. Leading is an essential concept in the organization’s management as it directs what is done for the benefit of both the organization and the employees. Mr. Goodnight exercises leading by listening to the employees and doing only what makes them happy. Listening aligns with the leading facet, as the leader who listens always does what makes employees happy.


Control is the last part of the P-O-L-C framework, which requires managers to ensure their employees follow the organizational objectives. Although SAS does not care when employees arrive, it has a clear attendance policy where people must cover their 35 weekly hours and be productive. Mr. Goodnight controls the people by giving them freedom, unlimited sick leave, and motivation to make them more productive. The different motivations and freedoms are aligned to the control facet because they help the employees work effectively and deliver for SAS’s success.

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