Affirmative Action Plan Requirement for Business

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Affirmative Action Plans are guidelines used to source vendors, customers, and contractors from minority groups to eliminate discrimination in the workplace. The United government uses this technique to combat and limit bias (Mightily, 2021). For example, a government contractor implements an affirmative action plan of hiring and recruiting qualified personnel from minorities, women, and persons with disabilities. Affirmative Action Plans play a vital role in any company.

Many employers do not choose to implement affirmative action plans unless they are made compulsory. They are also challenging to create and comprise statistical analyses of the underutilization of personnel, such as women and people with disabilities (Hellwig, 2022). Affirmative Action consists of training programs that consist of positive steps to be taken to improve such individuals in the workplace.

Therefore, every company should incorporate an affirmative action plan into company personnel policies. It is a result of the benefits it brings to avoiding discrimination of lawful applicants and employees since such misconduct may make the company lose potential employees that would have otherwise obtained a tremendous positive impact on the organization. In other words, it establishes an active system that provides equal employment opportunities for all individuals despite their gender, race, and status, for instance, the disabled.

In addition, a company that performs work on federal government contracts as either contractor or sub-contractor and the value is 50,000 dollars, or more is required to comply with the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP). Also, if the company has 50 or more employees, part-time or full-time is included in complying with the AAP. Furthermore, financial institutions that are federally insured and hold federal loans must implement written affirmative Action plans.


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