Ted Talk Work-Life Balance: Analysis

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Opinion about the Importance of Work-Life Balance

In my opinion, work-life balance is a matter of significance that every employee or worker should prioritize while putting effort into accruing more income and getting wealthier or rich. Even though many employees would consider taking most of their time to work, some are chased by needs and the achievement of luxurious life. However, I would advise all employees in different workplaces to empress work-life balance because the maintenance of work-life balance is significant in reducing stress and preventing burnout in workplaces. Failure to adhere to work-life balance could become the primary causative agent of prevalent healthcare issues such as chronic stress in workplaces. Employees should treat the work-life balance as self-remedial action that could reduce the chances of resulting physical consequences such as digestive troubles, heart problems, chronic pains and aches, and hypertension.

Nigel Marsh’s 4 Observations and My Thought

Nigel Marsh made the following four observations about work-life balance. Firstly, society needs an honest debate on work-life balance for progress to be seen. Secondly, corporations and Governments cannot readily provide solutions to work-life balance. Thirdly, people should be careful with their chosen time frame to judge work-life balance. Lastly, approach balance is a balanced way to address the issue of work-life balance. I suggest these observations are true reflections to enlighten what is needed by individual employees who do not observe workplace balance. I think these observations further teach workers that it is their responsibility to take care of their healthcare conditions and needs while at work.

My Example of Life and Work Pertaining To Work-Life Balance

Working at Celine Beauty Company helped me to understand the need and significance of work-life balance. The company reported an employee who had always continuously worked during the day and night shifts because she wanted to make more and extra cash in her pocket. Unfortunately, she developed health care issues such as chronic aches and pains in her back after three months of reporting to work. Further diagnosis by medical professionals showed that the employee had chronic symptoms of stress and burnout. Therefore, this incident is a vivid example that taught me the essence of work-life balance. Work-life balance prevents healthcare issues such as chronic pains and aches, stress, and burnout which could cause high medical bills.

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