Reflection Paper: The Art of the Start

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I would recommend anyone who wishes to invest in entrepreneurship to read the book: The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki since it is very intuitive. Most entrepreneurs are often faced with many challenges to the degree that they are demoralized even to try any kind of business. The book majorly focuses on making the business a success by making a new business rise. Chapter eight focuses on evangelism, which means that if a business provides a great product of high quality, customers will help automatically realize success through credible, continuous, and cost-effective proselytization (Kawasaki, 2015). Chapter nine focuses on use of social media for marketing to ensure the profitability and growth of the new business. The book primarily focuses on psyching up new entrepreneurs into the business and ensuring they have enough motivation while venturing into their businesses.

If I had read this book before, perhaps I would have a working and profitable business, to be precise an electronic shop. The book equips the reader with entrepreneurial ideas required to boost businesses. Businesses succeed if entrepreneurs are goal-oriented and have the necessary information (Kawasaki, 2015). I feel this book provides every single piece of information required by any entrepreneur, right from evangelism, art of rainmaking, art of socializing to the art of enduring. The art of evangelism equips someone with DICE concept, differentiation and value, the practice of humanness, thus making a great quality product that wins customers’ trust and believe in the products (Anggraini, 2018). If customers believe in entrepreneurs’ products, they will spread the good news of the great quality of the products thus achieving holy grail evangelism.

The art of socializing is a critical feature and an opportunity for all entrepreneurs to advertise and market their products. For instance, the business I have seen grow much by marketing their products and services in social media like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. is Uber business compared to the taxi business. The services offered are the same, but Uber is very popular because of its advertisements on Google+, Instagram and other social media platforms. The use of social media is dictated by various factors like having a plan, introducing the platforms, creating a perfect profile, passing the re-share tests and feeding the content. Most businesses that use the art of socializing rightly always succeed.

The other part of the book I loved most is the art of partnering and the art of rainmaking and I feel that this makes most entrepreneurs successful. The art of rainmaking is majorly not mastered by most of young businessmen. Some entrepreneurs just start businesses just without knowing that there is a give and take (Kent, 2019). Some of the businesses which have mastered this art of rainmaking usually grow successfully since when it rains, it pours. If you concentrate on creating attention to the customers, you will have it. For instance, a tale of a businesswoman who overcame a retailer’s opposition to stocking her goods. She sprayed the perfume all over the floor after the Galeries Lafayette store in Paris rejected Estée Lauder’s newest scent. After that, the store had to stock it because so many consumers had inquired about it. Sometimes it rains when it pours.

In conclusion, I feel that this book by Kawasaki would be of very great help to most businessmen since it rekindles and backs up the ambitions of someone, boots the confidence of an entrepreneur since it has guidelines. In the today’s world, there would be a limited number of businesses failing if entrepreneurs could get support from the book. Perhaps it qualifies that engagement in business is an art entailing many things.


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