Apple Inc.’s Marketing Strategy and Success Factors

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The marketing strategy of Apple has many distinctive features that, in collaboration with the products’ advantages, make the company successful in the market. One of the hallmarks of Apple marketing is customer service. Through impeccable staff training, the company has turned its stores into generators of e-WOM communication, leaving customers to spread positive information about the company (Dave, 2018). On the web, including on the official website of the company, you can find numerous consumer reviews about impeccable service in stores and support services. Such a policy helps to increase customer loyalty and turns them into intermediaries between the company and potential customers, as they disseminate information about the positive experience of interacting with it.

Apple’s Internet strategy differs significantly from the strategies of its competitors. At Apple Inc., there is no centralized brand presence on social media. It can be said that Apple not only refrains from major social media marketing opportunities but also refuses an important feedback channel and customer support, unlike companies that use this feedback to form business decisions. Thus, after the success of the iPod, Apple began to restrict access to information on product development, both inside and outside the company, to develop a privacy policy (Dave, 2018). The company develops an atmosphere of secrecy not only to protect its developments from competitors but also to create a stir around products and interest from customers.

The secret to the success of Apple’s marketing strategies is also the use of exclusivity techniques. In the context of network effects, such a strategy is especially appropriate due to the established customer base and its management capabilities (Tien, 2019). Apple has deliberately restricted the flow of its iPhones to customers and mobile service providers. For example, the first iPhone model was available exclusively to one mobile provider for the entire life of the phone. The company is known for queues of people wishing to purchase new products, lining up long before the goods arrive in stores. People live in tents on the streets of cities in order to be among the first to become owners of Apple products. Such actions attract media attention and generate free advertising as well as media coverage.


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