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The company of choice is Apple, which searches for specialists who can enrich corporate performance. Among the available jobs that Apple posts are the “US-Creative

The United States” who specializes in Apple Retail. The position is available on the company’s official website. I used Google search and the search on the official corporate website of the company to find the position and to ensure that it is genuinely available in Apple.


The Creative for Apple Retail job is also available on LinkedIn and Glassdoor, and these two results are at the top of the Google list. The job description is similar to the one on the official website of Apple, and it is possible to send the resume using all of the platforms mentioned earlier. The HR professionals would post the job description where they did because the majority of specialists who search for the new position use these resources. They are the most popular and credible sources of information about available jobs, allowing potential employees to find the positions that exist (Gitman et al., 2018). In other words, using websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor increase the number of people who might be potentially interested in the described position. In addition, these platforms for job-seeking guarantee the employees that they will not face fraudulent activity from the company’s side.

I chose this specific job posting because its general description attracts many people. There are no rigid requirements concerning the background of the Creative at Apple, and the interpretation of the skills that the applicants need is flexible. At the same time, the job description reflects the corporate spirit of Apple, which is not the primary issue in technical jobs that require specific skills and competencies. It allows me to understand how the company approaches its potential employees and how it applies its corporate policy to HR-related questions.

After reading the job description and course material, I would describe the company’s organizational culture as an adhocracy. This type of corporate culture supposes that the company focuses on its active development, technological growth, and innovations (DesJardins, 2019). All employees should follow this corporate strategy to correspond to the requirements of the company’s culture. The job description emphasizes the importance of supporting technological change, innovations, and creativity that allows Apple to develop, which corresponds to the description of the adhocracy culture (DesJardins, 2019). The organization provides development opportunities and internal training for Creative, which aligns with the mission statement of Apple. The Creative who works in the Apple Store and tries to improve the experience of Apple users is among the employees who foster technological changes in the company and make the product more user-friendly.


Based on the findings, Apple is the organization I would like to work for. The corporate culture and the attitude to the employees and the product correspond to my perception of the ideal one. I also think all people in the company must change the sphere of their work for the better. As a result, all individuals will have the opportunity to use technologically developed devices and improve their quality of life. The combination of the possibilities for personal creativity that Apple supports and the corporate desire to introduce innovations into the sphere of consumer electronics is the most valuable thing in the company.


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