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The analysis of the financial background of the corporate performance of Apple shows that the company is developing stably and successfully. I would review Apple’s financial standing using the 10-K report that reflects the corporation’s financial health. The last annual report was published in 2021, which means that the data is relevant and reflects the most current information about Apple’s economic performance. In addition, the research and analysis of Apple’s official website allow us to state that Apple’s business background is transparent, enabling its further development. In general, objective data about the organization’s financial performance shows that Apple preserves its place in the consumer electronics market.


The stock exchange that Apple trades on is The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC. One year ago, the price of 1 share of company stock was $143.54 (Cook, 2021). The cost of 1 share of company stock today is $143.10/$138 (Cook, 2021). The company aims to achieve one year target on the Nasdaq, which is $185.00, which means that there is an opportunity for financial development (Cook, 2021). The common stock of Apple on the Nasdaq Stock Market is $0.00001 par value per share (Cook, 2021). This information shows that the stock slightly fell over a year, but the decrease is not significant. The company delivers stable financial performance even though it is lower than Apple expects (Cook, 2021). It is possible to state that the primary reason for this situation is the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic that led to global problems with manufacturing and logistics.

It is possible to assume that the investment opportunity for Apple is optimistic. I would buy stock and invest in this company because it is one of the leaders in the technological market. Moreover, the popularity of Apple has been stable for years, and the price of its stocks does not decrease significantly. Even the last year’s recession which resulted from the global decrease in manufacturing did not seriously reduce Apple’s financial performance (Cook, 2021). The data mentioned earlier shows that the stock prices remained almost the same, which is evidence of stability in its financial health.

The statistical information about the current performance of Apple shows that it is improving gradually. For example, the last quarter’s revenue increased by 2 percent, a positive movement for the company (Apple Inc., 2022). The expected growth of Apple’s revenue is stable, which makes the company the rational choice for investment. It is also vital to mention the policy of Apple that focuses on constant technological change and innovations. As a result, the company will always try to be the leader in technologies on the market, which makes it attractive for investment (Apple Inc., 2022). In other words, the financial health of Apple is supported both by its history of development and objective data about its financial performance.


To conclude, the decision to invest in Apple’s stocks is justified from a financial point of view. The economic background and the business performance of the corporation during the last year and at this moment show that Apple can successfully cope with the crisis without a severe decrease in profits. The global economic crisis following the COVID-19 pandemic affected all companies, and Apple was no exception. In this case, the reduction of the stock value was insignificant, which shows the company’s financial health. Therefore, the attractive company for investment proves its credibility with statistical facts.


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