Positive Communication and Teamwork

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Teamwork involves coordinating and collaborating with people across boundaries of all kind; expertise, distance, time zone to get work done. Most people have to work in teams given the fast-paced global operations, crazy shifting schedules and ever-narrower expertise. Besides, the issues we face today are so significant and so challenging that we cannot do it alone (TED, 2018). Therefore, humility and recognition are critical in good communication and teamwork.

Working with others is an essential part of every job. The most successful firms and business organizations have used teams to become leaders in their respective fields. Given the prevalence of teams, no matter how talented one might be, being a solo player is not an option in the modern business world (Adler, Elmhorst, Maresh-Fuehrer, & Lucas, 2018). Such people are perceived as too innovative or too difficult.

Teamwork has several notable advantages over individuals working alone. One of the main benefits is that working as a team increases overall productivity. Well conceived and efficiently operating teams produce more solutions than persons working alone, and those solutions are likely to be better than those developed by a solo practitioner. Besides, the accuracy of effective teams work is higher than that of isolated individuals (Adler et al., 2018). Moreover, a team of people from different departments in an organization is likely to consider all perspectives, whereas one or two people without this breadth of standpoint would miss some crucial ideas.

It is not practically possible to single-handedly transform an entire organization into a team-friendly environment. However, it is probable to influence a group of people and encourage them to work as a team; hence, it will increase efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. First, one needs to examine the characteristics of teams available critically. Moreover, it would be best if they communicated in a manner that makes the small but essential leap possible.


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