Globalization & Technology and Work Relationships

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The changes that can be observed in the modern world influence how work in different sectors is performed. Globalization is one of the aspects that has led to shifts in many industries since some companies are operating internationally. Technology is another essential aspect impacting various professional fields. One of the industries that have primarily been influenced by globalization and technology is the Information Technology (IT) sphere. Major corporations, such as Huawei, Apple, and Microsoft, have benefited from globalization and technological advancement. Employees in these firms provide customer care and ensure that different products and services are developed. The industry was selected for this report since it is one of the most recognized sectors in the modern world. The basic operations in the IT sphere are mainly focused on providing customers with technological products and services. For instance, Microsoft is known for its software used in many organizations. Additionally, the industry is essential for society since it has made life easier by developing equipment used in various areas.

Impact of Globalization on Workers

Companies in the IT industry focus on hiring innovative and skilled employees to help them increase their productivity. For instance, Apple Inc. ensures that it recruits creative workers to develop its products and services. In this regard, globalization has enabled companies to hire proficient candidates from different countries (Crane et al., 2019). Communication is another essential aspect at the workplace as it enables workers to share their opinions about various issues. Thus, globalization has allowed both the employees and the leaders to learn the importance of interacting with other individuals from different areas and thus acquire new knowledge. Globalization has also made it possible for the teams to build good relationships among the workmates when engaging in different projects. The IT industry is competitive, and companies have to ensure that they manufacture products that attract people. Consequently, globalization has helped organizations to invest in different countries to increase their market share.

Immigration is another aspect that can be analyzed to determine its impacts on workers and their relationships. Immigration has increased for the past thirty years affecting many sectors (Ruhs & Vargas, 2020). Typically, immigration leads to increased labor supply in different industries (Ruhs & Vargas, 2020). Additionally, it increases job competition since, in most cases, immigrants are job seekers. On the extreme, immigration has influenced how workers communicate and relate in IT industry as immigrants have different cultural values that influence how they interrelate. The IT industry has grown for the past years due to creativity that has been influenced by immigration. Many workers experience challenges when cooperating with people of different origins. Nonetheless, immigration has led to individuals learning the importance of learning various cultural values.

Immigration has steered diversity in the IT industry, and companies such as Apple and Microsoft have workers from various origins. The organizations have developed computers and software to ensure that customer demands are met. Correspondingly, such companies have ensured that employees build good relationships with the colleagues to help them achieve company goals. Subsequently, immigration has been essential in the IT industry since many workers have cooperated with immigrants to learn new skills and become more innovative. The relationship employees and organizations have with one another has also been improved by immigration since many employees have acquired skills from immigrant employees. HRs have also observed the hiring process in companies where people from various countries are allowed to work. For example, many Chinese Americans work in companies such as Apple Inc. and Microsoft, showing that equality has been encouraged in organizations.

How Technology Has Impacted Workers

The rapid technology growth has led to the development of various sectors where companies are focus on factors such as e-commerce and online marketing. Large companies have also played a significant role in the IT industry by introducing different services and products used in other sectors such as the communication and transport industries. Technology has impacted staff by helping them enhance their proficiency (Falk & Biagi, 2017). For instance, employees in IT businesses are using technology to learn new strategies and programs that can be used to manufacture new gadgets. The relationship of workers has also been impacted by technology in the IT companies since employees cooperate with ease using various platforms. Exchange of ideas has been enabled by technology since workers are developing their skills despite being in different regions. Staff can also interrelate in organizations due to enhanced technology such as cloud computing, allowing users to share information across different departments. Consequently, technology is a vital aspect that can impact the performance of workers and the productivity of businesses.

Impacts of Changes Identified

The presence of foreign workers in many areas have both negative and positive influences on workers. One of the adverse impacts is competition since workers can travel to various countries to seek job opportunities. Low wages can also be experienced due to an increase in job competition. However, multiple advantages can be identified. One of the benefits is that workers can learn from their workmates and enhance their skills. Additionally, employees can learn about various cultures, which can help them fit in diverse communities. Technology has also led to increased creativity since interacting with people can help individuals become more innovative. Having a good relationship with many workers can enable employees to gain more ideas and utilize them in diverse areas. In essence, globalization and technology have played a significant role in improving workers’ performance and their relationships in IT industry. For instance, technology has enabled workforces to focus on data security by designing blockchain technology to limit corporations’ loss of information.


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