The Amazon Company’s Service Marketing Analysis

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Discovering the Company’s Type

To begin with, the organization is highly focused on selling various types of products: from clothes to stationery. However, Amazon also provides services in different spheres, such as housecleaning, repairing, and building. To be more exact, a customer can find experts nearby one’s area and select a professional to complete one’s task. Furthermore, a client might even see experts’ working orders to pick a specific worker to fit one’s schedule. Overall, it can be concluded that Amazon as a company is a service only partially, considering that it also provides various products at the same time.

In addition, this statement can be supported by the fact that services are actions and processes, and Amazon provides such with the help of registered experts in different areas. Similarly, not all the organization’s economic activities are physical products and are performed to enhance certain aspects like health, amusement, conveniences, and comfort. However, Amazon still provides customers with services based on experts’ skills and knowledge that are applied in various performances to benefit the client.

Examining Gaps of Amazon’s Operating System

The Quality Gap

The organization provides quality to users by providing necessary information about its experts on the website. To be more particular, Amazon includes a worker’s area of expertise, working hours, experience, and crucial skills. Consequently, the users can choose the service themselves without receiving biased recommendations regarding a candidate for a specific task. In addition, Amazon thoroughly analyzes the feedback regarding experts and solves any problems related to the provided service. Overall, one can consider the organization’s services’ quality high since Amazon comprehensively examines the registered experts before allowing them to take orders from the customers.

The Listening Gap

The business is highly focused on providing a high-quality service to the customer and, therefore, maintaining long-term cooperation. Amazon considers its clients as lifelong relationships and opts for satisfying the client with the premium service. As a result, the company focuses on solving problems that customers face in the form of compensation or the assignment of another expert for fixing the previous one’s errors. Overall, the organization clearly understands the clients’ expectations and concentrates on catering to their needs by tackling any issues to satisfy them and fulfill their requirements at the end.

Design & Standards Gap

Amazon is a company that always seeks ways of improvements in providing its services, catering to the customers’ needs, and advancing its crucial processes. The organization has developed an effective operating system in the following aspects: delivery, communication with clients, analyzing clients’ feedback and expectations, and solving service problems. As a result, Amazon provides its customers with high-quality help and support along with high-grade services from authorized experts capable of completing tasks in various areas.

The Performance Gap

The service delivery of Amazon is recognized as a premium since the company carefully chooses the workers for further cooperation. Furthermore, the organization’s HR management is efficient and productive as they flawlessly fulfill their responsibilities of hiring appropriate and skilled candidates for providing clients with specific services. Another critical point is that the company focuses on matching the service design with its delivery to reach the clients’ expectations with their orders.

The Communications Gap

It is significant to mention that customers can find services priced in a different way since their costs are based on the expert’s skills, performance, and working experience. However, Amazon always addresses challenges regarding completed work to reach the customers’ expectations, no matter the service’s price. The organization focuses on effective communication with clients to understand their expectations and be able to satisfy them with the services’ outcomes.

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