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I used to work for Walt Disney World, which is one of the biggest entertainment companies. It was created to inspire people and make them feel happier. The company has managed to do that for both visitors and employees. The Walt Disney Company management is open and flexible when it comes to people who work with them. Overall, I would say the organizational culture is very friendly and diverse. The company prioritizes the safety of people, so I felt secure and confident working there.

Walt Disney world company works by the principle of all for one and one for all. The organizational values are crucial and have to be supported by everyone (Nyanfor, 2021). The task of all employees is to make guests satisfied. It means that nobody is trying to escape the responsibility and all employees are helping each other. For example, whenever there was trash on the ground, every person, no matter the position, would pick it up and throw it away. It proves that the behavior aligns with the culture the organization promotes because everybody is trying to do their best to make guests happy.

I have taken the Big Five personality traits assessment, and the results did not surprise me. I scored high in openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness. The assessment states that I stay calm in most situations and generally balance good and bad moods. I consider this trait to be a necessity for the leader. The results also showed that I am creative, curious, and able to recognize the value of routine and structures. However, two traits that have the biggest impact on my leadership style are extraversion and agreeableness. I realize the importance of being sociable, talkative, and outgoing while also understand that some circumstances require holding back and listening. I think I would be a good leader for the Walt Disney Company because my leadership traits perfectly align with the company’s values. I am open, friendly, and can be flexible whenever needed, which matches the company’s management style.


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