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If I was to set up a website for a Major League Baseball team based on concepts from management, I might experience issues in organization, management, and technology. The organizational problems comprise poor or outdated business systems, unsupportive culture and attitudes, insufficient resources, complex tasks, political fighting among members, and an unfavorable business environment.


The use of obsolete business systems might lead to lower production levels as they consume a lot of time to implement tasks and operate slower. Wriggles among the members and unsupportive organizational culture could inhibit the proper implementation of the website project. Management typical issues include a lack of staff training, challenges in assessing and managing performance, work environment, legal and regulatory compliance, and lack of employee engagement and support. In addition, there could be ineffective management from those tasked with the duty of managing the basketball website. The management may find it challenging to abide by the set regulations and legal rules (Birindelli & Ferretti, 2017). Unfortunately, management might encounter unmotivated, apathetic, and disengaged employees who could cost money to the organization because of poor-quality work and low output.

Moreover, technological issues experienced comprise outdated software, outmoded hardware, inadequate telecommunications capacity, insufficient database capacity, old systems incompatibility with advanced technology, and rapid change of technologies. The use of outdated software may be less likely to operate on new hardware and, thus, remain incompatible with advanced operating systems. Inadequate hardware might influence organizational performance due to risks such as loss of critical consumer data and susceptibility to attackers. In addition, frequency jitter in telecommunication may affect the performance of network elements and processors and can contribute to packet loss.


To conclude, rapid technological advancement poses new challenges for policymakers in website development (Nadon, 2017). It may outpace the capability of society and government to adapt to the modifications that advanced technologies create due to the issue of privacy and fear of attack from hackers on their data and other information.


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