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Determining the group work style is particularly important in the effectiveness of achieving the goal set for team members. Thus, for me, the most productive is the cooperative style of interaction, which I would also like to see in my teammate. The most important strength of that working style is combining the forces of the project or task participants. Therefore, teammates get the opportunity to look at the problem from several sides and can make a decision together, weighing all the positive and negative sides. Moreover, the cooperative teamwork style contributes to the balance of the working styles of the team to complete the project. This is because this approach provides a fusion of the participants’ forces in the work and leads to the most productive and effective results.

Listening Level

The preferred listening level within this discussion is attentive listening. I believe that this aspect is of the most critical importance since “it is the level at which we are paying attention to the other person and internalizing the message” (“The levels of listening,” 2018, para. 6). Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only to what says the individual but also what the interlocutor answers and tries to convey. Thus, when applying and improving this skill, people get the opportunity to conduct the most productive negotiations. For example, this often happens when people can talk for a long time about something, without a special purpose, for example, about how their friends went someplace. Often, if people pay attention to these statements, they can determine that people themselves would like to go there; just be afraid to say it directly.

Listening and Learning

A particularly valuable aspect for me was studying which way of listening is characteristic of me. Thus, I realized that I have to constantly create and express various ideas and voice them while constantly listening to the feedback that they give me. Hence, I pay quite a lot of attention to doubling attention to what my interlocutor says. However, my problem may be that I form thoughts and conclusions simultaneously, not sequentially. This aspect may affect the quality of my listening. Thereby on the results of interaction with others.

Listening and Effect

Learning about different levels of listening has become a valuable aspect of gaining knowledge for me. This component concerns firstly how I interact with other people and what features are characteristic of me. On the other hand, I gained a clearer understanding of other people’s listening levels and learned to identify them. I can adapt to the interlocutor and redirect the conversation to achieve the most useful results of interaction with the person. Therefore, I might say that studying this information regarding hearing features has significantly affected my relationships. In most cases, all interactions became more productive, limiting the occurrence of useless and time-consuming conversations.

Speaking Level

Determining the speaking level is equally important for improving an individual’s overall level of communication and interactions. The speaking level used is determined by the substantial accuracy. This characteristic allows people to convey the main idea clearly and precisely to the participant of the conversation and provide an understanding of what goal the interlocutor is striving for. An example from the conversation experience that demonstrates this speaking level can be a clear explanation of why using natural products is much healthier than eating fast food or processed food. Thus, facts can be used in the conversation that confirms that natural food is better for the body.

Speaking and Learning

All people express themselves in unique ways through verbal communication. Thus, I got the realization that I am characterized by active participation in the conversation, which also implies sharing a lot of information. At the same time, the issue for me may be excessive expressiveness and energy, which is difficult for me to control. For example, during a conversation, I can overwhelm the interlocutor with a flow of information, which may result from the fact that the individual will not be allowed to express a point of view and contribute to the interaction.

Speaking and Effect

Thus, the next critical point was the awareness of how personal speaking levels and characteristics affect relationships. Hence, I can have a fairly productive and effective conversation with proper control and organization of thoughts which allowed me to improve the relationships with people around me. At the same time, due to the unstable control of energy, there may be cases when the interlocutor may be squeezed by the amount of knowledge transferred. Thus, to improve the quality of relationships and conversations with people, I need to learn how to control my energy and understand in which cases it is necessary to stop and transfer the initiative to another person.

Laws of Conversation

During the course, I learned about the existence of various communication styles and laws related to this aspect of human interaction. Thus, participating in various discussions made me aware of which of these approaches is closest to me. Hence, I take a fairly active position when participating in a conversation and constantly generate various ideas and suggestions. However, I have difficulty keeping my thoughts organized and consistent, as I want to express them as much as possible. It is worth noting that an individual’s communication style should apply the laws of conversation. Thus, every interaction between individuals implies the presence of cycles of value and cycles of waste. In my case, I have learned to create greater importance and positive alignment during conversation and building relationships in life, which corresponds to cycles of value in the law of communication.

Communication Tools

Thus, to decrease waste cycles and increase value cycles, it is necessary to use several communication tools. Therefore, learning not to transfer negative behavior and energy to conversations with people is necessary. Furthermore, the individual will have the opportunity to effectively hear the message that the interlocutor wants to convey. Moreover, to increase the value of communication, it is necessary to use such a tool as an effective solution to conflict or disputable situations. This will help to increase the efficiency and productivity of interactions with people.

A8B: Course Challenges

For me, the most difficult aspect of studying and performing was the study of speaking levels. This is because each person has a personal approach to the transmission of information and the definition of these characteristics is difficult. This is especially true in cases where the level of the individual does not correspond to who his interlocutor is.

Course Value

I believe the completed course and live sessions are of great value for developing my personal qualities and skills. For example, I understood my listening style, which helped me identify my strengths in this area. Moreover, I gained an understanding of which aspects require some changes to improve the quality of communication with other people. Moreover, I realized that it is important for me that my teammates can work cooperatively to achieve the goals and objectives set for the group.

Helping Others

I would undertake several valuable exercises to teach friends, family, coworkers, or other skills learned in the course. I believe that learning skills such as listening and teamwork are necessary to build healthier connections and the ability to find value and benefit in any interaction. Thus, one of these ways would be learning how to build eye contact with the interlocutor and not focusing on the interlocutor’s role. To increase cooperation, it is necessary to conduct an exercise to strengthen ties between individuals.

Sustaining Positive Skills and Habits

The main positive skill that I received during my participation in the course is the ability to build effective communication. Moreover, I have acquired a habit of listening to other people without involving personal prejudices and beliefs. These aspects allowed me to improve my relationships with my social circle and achieve the most successful results in the educational field. To continue to maintain success in those areas, I will continue to explore effective ways to improve the quality of communication.


The main problem for me is restraining energy during a conversation. Thus, I must learn to restrain myself and properly organize the flow of information that I want to convey to the interlocutor. Regarding leadership, I believe I should improve my qualities regarding managing the direct process of completing tasks. This implies a more detailed study of how to delegate roles properly depending on the characteristics and skills of the team.


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