The Ritz-Carlton: H.R. Planning Tools

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Today, Ritz-Carlton actively appeals to the HR planning tools that allow the firm to hire authentic specialists in their field who can demonstrate skills, knowledge, and behavior for successful work. Moreover, it is not a secret that Ritz-Carlton emphasizes such HR planning tools as the implementation of intensive training programs, continuous development of employees, and an improved culture of human resources development within the effectiveness of not only recruitment processes but also work activities.


In addition, priority is given to retaining employees and taking an interest in their physical and mental health since staff turnover is a destructive and unproductive phenomenon for the working environment. Hence, with the help of these tools, the company guarantees balance, stability, and prosperity for both the business itself and its workers by creating an optimal work environment and a competently constructed load distribution system. One should note that Ritz-Carlton understands quite well that human resources are one of the organization’s most significant assets, which should always be given due attention.

Tools that the Company Could Use

It is essential to understand that today one of the “golden rules” of successful work with personnel is understanding the embeddability of employees in the organization’s culture and their coincidence with the values and styles of the Ritz-Carlton. Consequently, at the selection stage, the company can use tools based not only on the qualifications, level of education, knowledge, and skills of an applicant but also on the aspects mentioned above since, as practice shows, the success of an employee’s work depends more on their cultural identity. All issues related to personnel planning should be addressed by considering this critical factor and using the most useful, proven, and convenient tools for working in this area.


In conclusion, Ritz-Carlton can use a “contingency planning” tool that allows the firm to see the picture of the situation in the future and plan various scenarios and a possible action plan for the team accordingly.

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