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Maryland Technology Consultants, Inc. specializes in business process consulting and IT consulting while also providing outsourcing IT consulting services such as vendor evaluation and performance management. In planning the organization’s expansion to new offices and increasing the overall number of employees, the company faces significant challenges due to high competition in the field and inefficient employee hiring processes. Furthermore, high dependence on the number of high-skilled consultants limits the ability of the organization to apply for participation in a large number of projects. On the other hand, maintaining a large number of employees in the organization is impossible due to the lack of contracts. This report will analyze the organization’s state, develop a system of requirements for the applicant hiring system, and propose a plan for implementation of the solution to improve the hiring process and promote MTC’s growth.

Strategic Use of Technology

Business Strategy

MTC’s business strategy focuses on several significant points, which include increasing the number of contracts, building a base of consultants available for remote assistance to MTC’s onsite teams, and establishing a good reputation among clients. Furthermore, the company plans to position the high quality of its services and professionalism of onsite consultant teams as the main attraction factor for clients. However, the current hiring system has several shortcomings due to the inability to manually process a large number of resumes in a short time.

The introduction of IT solution will significantly increase the speed of applicants’ resumes processing. Furthermore, implementing an application tracking system will reduce the time required for hiring new employees from the application submission by the candidate to the start of the new employee’s work. Thus, the implementation of IT solution will support the organization’s growth by allowing MTC to hire more employees in a shorter time to meet clients’ requirements.

Competitive Advantage

The company prioritizes the role of employees for MTC’s reputation and competitive advantage because of the high level of competition in the consulting field. In competing with large IT consulting firms, MTC acknowledges that knowledge presents the main strength of the organization in business innovation (Salunke et al., 2019). Implementing an applicant tracking system will allow hiring managers to highlight candidates with skills that are especially valued by the company and mark their applications as more important for consideration. Thus, MTC will be able to recruit a high-quality and customer-oriented workforce, which will present a significant competitive advantage over larger companies.

Strategic Objectives

Recruitment and hiring systems are closely aligned with strategic objectives in modern technology-driven organizations (Nikolaou, 2021).

Strategic Goal
(from case study)
(clear, measurable and time-bound)
(2-3 sentences)
Increase MTC Business Development by winning new contracts in the areas of IT Consulting MTC expects to win two contracts in the nearest time, which requires hiring 75 additional employees. The current system of manual processing of candidates’ applications is unable to deal with the task of such a volume. Implementing an IT solution with an application tracking system will identify candidates ready to start work at the nearest time.
Continue to increase MTC’s ability to quickly provide high quality consultants to awarded contracts to best serve the clients’ needs Increase the share of referrals attracted by satisfied customers by 3% in the next 12 months. When concluding a new contract with referrals, the company will need to start the work with sufficient working resources quickly. The application tracking system will allow MTC to find candidates with an experience more suitable for a quick start on a specific project.
Increase MTC’s competitive advantage in the IT consulting marketplace by increasing its reputation for having IT consultants who are highly skilled in leading edge technologies and innovative solutions for its clients Increase the company’s market share in the information solutions market by 10% in the next five years. MTC is currently unable to compete with organizations with more employees and contracts. Prioritizing applications of candidates with the skills necessary for consulting in innovative solutions will allow the company to increase its market share in the field.


The role of hiring systems has become more important in management and decision-making in the new industrial revolution (Whysall et al., 2019).

Role Level as defined in Course Content Reading Example of Possible Decision Supported by Hiring System Example of Information the Hiring System Could Provide to Support Your Example Decision
Senior/Executive Managers
(Decisions made by the CEO and the CFO at MTC supported by the hiring system.)
Strategic Increase the number of employees in of the company’s satellite offices. The data on the number of candidates who are ready to start working remotely and candidates located close to the satellite offices
Middle Managers
(Decisions made by the Director of HR and the Manager of Recruiting supported by the hiring system.)
Tactical Opening additional remote positions to assist existing onsite consulting team The data about candidates with experience in working with similar contracts
Operational Managers
(Decisions made by the line managers in the organization who are hiring for their projects supported by the hiring system.)
Operational Replacing onsite employee The data on candidates with experience in working in MTC as a remote consultant


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