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In the recent few decades, with the development of the internet worldwide, the importance and topicality of information systems are only increasing. The recent technological revolution made it possible to buy a laptop or personal computer for almost everyone. Also, the global digitalization process made a shift of humanity from the conventional way to store information such as books, printed documents to digital information, which uses virtual memory of hard disks. In this regard, an information system providing safe storage, search, and processing of the information, is being implemented in various fields, including education, research, business, etc.

There are five main components that construct a conventional information system. First, computer hardware is an essential part of the information system, which is the physical component of the information system. Second, computer software is the brain of computer hardware, which is dictating what to do. The third component is telecommunications, which connects all hardware together via cable connections or wireless connections like Wi-Fi. The fourth component is the database, also called a data warehouse. It is storage, where all information is kept and can be retrieved when needed. The final and the most important component is human resources, who are responsible for running the whole system.

Technology and information systems became a primary tool used to control the whole process in a modern way of doing business. For example, a logistic information system is able to reduce the operational cost of the supermarket via optimization of the supply chain network of the goods from distributing centers to the stores (Yin et al, 2020). Moreover, it is impossible to run online shopping without a proper information system.

Online shop requires a complex set of data, which should be easily accessible and adjustable. For example, the intelligent informational system of the Taobao online shop allowed to efficiently create an entrepreneurial network of several online shops (Ye et al, 2020). In addition, in my workplace, an informational system plays an important role in effective communication between employees, which increases the overall efficiency of the work.

To conclude, information system is a huge area of study and development. It enables us to increase the efficiency of every aspect of our life. All future businesses will be using various types of information systems to improve their efficiency and productivity. It is essential for a new business to include information systems at the initial stage of development because, as time passes, the role of information systems in people’s lives is only going to grow.


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