BIM Morocco Firm’s E-Commerce Development

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E-commerce is a highly valid opportunity to increase the reach of the company through deliberate specialization.

E-commerce is a powerful tool because it can significantly boost the loyalty metrics of a business (Hua et al., 2019). Although warehousing can be an issue for e-commerce implementation, BIM Morocco has resources and plenty of branches to optimize the delivery as well as retain cost advantage (Boysen, Koster, and Weidinger, 2019). It is stated that “the top e-commerce sites in Morocco are,, and Other top retail sites include and” (Selling online in Morocco, 2021, para. 2). In other words, the market lacks any form of direct competition. E-commerce should be integrated because the share of consumer spending through e-commerce is steadily rising (Dolfen et al., 2019). One of the key advantages of e-commerce is the lack of physical constraints in regard to product presentation and offer (Einav et al., 2017).

In addition, the competitors are primarily the companies from the United States, China, and Europe, which means there are no native or culturally similar companies. Such a vacuum of the lack of Morocco-based rivals is among the few factors which can facilitate e-commerce success (Babenko et al., 2019). For example, the most used online marketplaces are Avito websites, followed by Amazon (Top sites ranking for e-commerce and shopping in Morocco, 2021). There is a high level of demand for BIM Morocco since online boutiques with a limited choice of products are the third-largest purchase among the local consumers (Popular types of online shops in Morocco 2017, 2020).

E-commerce use is also justified by the fact that “an e-commerce platform is required that suits the advanced needs for flexible and agile service integration” (Aulkemeier et al., 2016). Such agility and flexibility are the key qualities of BIM Morocco. The main reason is that the company only offers a limited set of products, such as meat, dairy, and six groups of consumables (Grocery selections, 2021).

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