Product Promotion: Brand Promotion in the Fashion Industry

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Fashion is a complex, multi-faceted phenomenon; thus, trends and prospects for fashion development in modern competitive conditions in the fashion market are acutely debatable. The relationship between consumers and manufacturers is increasingly dependent on the marketing tools used by a particular company operating in the fashion market. Thus, it is crucial to develop and apply practical marketing tools that correspond to fashion trends within global trends (Shen et al.,2017). Product promotion demands considering the importance of product design, consumer self-identification through the product’s image, opinion leaders’ involvement, and fashion houses’ personalization.

There are various vital elements of brand promotion in the fashion industry. One of the most important is the fashion designer’s identity, which often turns into the brand’s personification, for instance, Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood. Brand managers of these companies connect the brand image with their creators, reflecting their spirit in each new collection (See, 2019). It should be noted, that such a connection also carries risks; for example, John Galliano, the former chief designer of Dior, involved the brand in an anti-Semitic scandal, even though he was fired.

To promote a product successfully, companies must promote a lifestyle to which the brand’s products belong. The formation of the brand image and its exclusivity should be formed by organizing the space, the atmosphere, and the store’s design, internet, and social network activities (Lin et al., 2018). Equally important are fashion shows that combine creative imagination and special techniques to influence the audience’s imagination (Moore, 2021). Vivid impressions from watching the show arouse consumer interest thanks to the hidden mechanisms of advertising promotion. A prime example of using this tool is the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Note that this show is broadcast live on American television.


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