The ‘New Normal’ Caused by the Pandemic

Topic: Business Issues
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I believe that the main change would be the society and the economics becoming even more technology-oriented. During the lockdown, people started to realize that various technological solutions may replace or transform the common workflow in management, education, and even healthcare. Moreover, the pandemic has shown that businesses must use technological achievements as a competitive advantage and a method of adaptation to changing economic environment. Another significant change may be related to the healthcare system and particularly to its workers. Unfortunately, medical and healthcare systems all over the globe were proven to be far from perfect during the pandemic. Therefore, we may expect governments to transform healthcare, adjust approaches to medical research, and invest great amounts of money in the area. As I already mentioned, we might also witness some considerable technological changes in healthcare with new online service development. Last but not least, I believe that humanity will dramatically change its views on globalization and traveling. The world might become much less physically connected and more digitally connected with a vast decrease in tourism, the abolishment of supply chains, and global trades.

If I could do anything for a career, my dream job would be a director of operations in the healthcare area. As I already manage a large private medical facility, I would love to take a step further and manage a hospital system. I think that even though managing such massive medical facilities may be a complex, difficult task, the job is highly rewarding, as decisions have a direct impact on the well-being of the hospital system. In addition, it is a highly paid job with a salary that depends significantly on the worker’s performance. I also believe that managing hospital systems and doing the job properly serves a noble purpose, thus, it may make me feel content with life as it implies helping people in need.

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