Brand Loyalty from a Personal Perspective

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Among all of the products that I have to use in my day-to-day life, some take more consideration and care than others. While a lot of things I buy tend to be the same or similar, I can’t say I make choices based on attachment to a certain brand. However, some products are an exception to this trend, largely due to the way they are marketed or presented. In particular, the Shea Cantu Butter has long since persisted as my hair care product of choice. I think that the presentation and the aesthetic of this brand have largely influenced my perception of it and contributed to the desire to keep using the product.

The company pays much attention to its customer base and its main source of income, catering to women of color primarily. This brand tries to be “exclusively inclusive,” welcoming all types of people while understanding their place in particular communities. The marketing primarily features people of color, who can be said to use such products much more often. Although I currently enjoy the Shea hair butter and the company’s progressive focus, some of the potential decisions made by them can change that fact in a negative fashion.

It is evident that Shea wants to expand their brand, catering to a wider demographic of people and growing its business. With a recent advertisement that was pulled from the air, it can be seen that the effort of diversity is definitely present (Payne & Duster, 2017). Sadly, the move to expand their reach and cater to other types of demographics leaves their core customer base unattended, creating a big disconnect between the brand itself and its users. I think that if the company further decides to shift the focus away from its roots, I will not be able to support them further.


Payne, A., & Duster, C. R. (2017). Shea Moisture Ad Falls Flat Under Backlash.

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