Human Resources and Diversity in the United States

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Inclusion and diversity are essential elements of any successful American organization because the United States is a multicultural country with many ethnicities living on its territory. In fact, anything that reveals distinctions between people is called diversity, and inclusion is defined as admitting these differences and ensuring that they can peacefully coexist and cooperate (Kimball, 2016). The hiring resources (HR) management department is one of the critical players in maintaining a diverse environment in a company because it is responsible for reviewing potential candidates, inviting them to interview, and offering a job. One of the companies that are considered to be one of the most diverse and inclusive is Hilton Worldwide. Therefore, HR managers should receive adequate training about the current laws regarding nondiscrimination and providing equal opportunities, as is done in Hilton Worldwide.

Diversity and Inclusion in Hilton Worldwide

HR management plays a critical role in creating the environment for various governmental regulations regarding employment to be followed. For example, the 1964s Civil Rights Act banned racial bias, and the 1990s Americans with Disabilities Act, as the title suggests, stated that discrimination based on physical or mental disability was prohibited (Kimball, 2016). It means that firms cannot refuse to hire a person of color in favor of a white candidate based on their race, provided their knowledge and experience are similar. The HR department should educate and train its members to judge workers based on their performance, remaining indifferent to their racial, physical, or psychological distinctions. Moreover, HR managers should foster the development of effective communication between different groups.

Hilton Worldwide is one of the largest American hospitality organizations. It was listed in the top 50 most diverse companies worldwide since it provides employment opportunities to Black, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans (Kimball, 2016). The OUCH test is frequently used to assess a firm’s performance regarding the fairness of its hiring decisions. It stands for objective, uniform, consistent, and relatedness to a job position (Kimball, 2016). Indeed, if the OUCH test is applied to Hilton Worldwide, it will pass successfully. The evaluation of this company showed that its HR department makes unbiased choices in hiring practices. Firstly, an objective decision is based on factual knowledge and evidence, and Hilton Worldwide is known for being an equitable employer. Secondly, the hiring standards of this organization are uniformly applied to all candidates regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Thirdly, Hilton Worldwide ensures that its HR managers consistently follow employment laws (Kimball, 2016). Fourthly, this corporation implements only relevant criteria when recruiting new workers (Kimball, 2016). Overall, it appears that Hilton Worldwide passed this test because it chose a nondiscriminatory and inclusive approach.


In summary, diversity and inclusion are crucial for any modern organization in the United States. Human resources managers play a critical role in creating a diverse environment in a company because they are accountable for interviewing and hiring new employees. Thus, staff in the HR department should be trained not to discriminate against individual differences of candidates and judge them based on their qualifications. Lastly, HR managers are also responsible for ensuring that people of various races, cultures, and religions work efficiently together. Hilton Worldwide is one of the leading organizations in the hospitality sector in the United States and worldwide. This company’s success can be partially attributed to its ability to create a diverse environment where employees of different ethnicities work efficiently together. Moreover, Hilton Worldwide could successfully pass the OUCH test because its hiring practices are objective, uniform, consistent, and relevant.


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