Business During COVID-19: Visualization Analysis

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I have chosen the visualization related to the growth of business during the pandemic of COVID-19 since it is curious to dispel the myth that the majority of companies disappeared within these two years. It is interesting to trace business-related patterns on the territory of the United States as the country has a very powerful economic system (Casselman, 2021). In addition, the visual layout seems decently structured and the material chosen is relevant, which appeals to me.

The author addresses the audience by showing the actual figures for business development in the states. The author encourages learning by demonstrating accurate numbers, incorporating positive and negative growth, and allowing for interactive information studying. The purpose of the visualization is conveyed via an interactive map of the U.S. (Ayodimeji, 2022). By clicking on each state, the page enables the audience to trace the percentage of businesses at the beginning of the pandemic, at its peak, and after one year (Ayodimeji, 2022). This information helps justify the goal of this visual – to show that the pandemic has indeed affected the surge in the business sphere.

Regarding the visualization, the author uses dark colors for the background and light ones to demonstrate the statistics. Such contrast allows for tracing the real difference in business development in each state. The visual prioritizes the chart, which allows for observing general trends related to the issue. However, to specify how every state was affected, the author suggests three interactive maps showing the difference in percentage in 2019, 2020, and 2021 (Ayodimeji, 2022). Such an approach enables the audience to receive precise numbers and select information based on a concrete state.


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