Why and How to Improve Diversity in the Workplace

Topic: Business Ethics
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The very brief summary of the book offers interesting topics from privacy and workers’ rights to diversity and stereotypes. The topic of this precise work is multi-ethnic diversity in the workplace and the importance of maintaining it. The benefits of diversity in the workplace have been extensively studied and documented, but practice shows that some organizations still have problems regarding diversity. A team with a wide range of cultural traditions, experiences, and thoughts is capable of much in the development of innovative ideas and problem-solving. An arsenal of varied experiences and ideas enhances the ability to efficiently solve problems. Usually, motivated employees are more likely to stay with the company for a long time. It means that diversity management can have a direct impact on retention rates. However, simply creating a diverse team is not enough; employees still need to feel part of the process and feel valued (Halbert, 2022). It means that a good diversity management plan should include inclusion strategies.

The selected article talks about the critical importance of promoting diversity, tolerance, and inclusion in the workplace. These aspects should penetrate deeply into the ideology of the company and carry solely good intentions. The article provides statistical data for review and analysis. For example, in 2003 Norway passed a law saying that at least 40% of women workers mandated have to be in the team. These measures may seem harsh, but they surely help fight the patriarchal system and the old stigmas of society. A different pointed issue in the article is the feeling of bias. Many people find it hard to admit that they can feel actual prejudice against certain groups of people (Tariq, 2021). However, it is always worth admitting it and actively working towards a happier understanding of society.


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