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Communication is a crucial aspect of each company’s culture which affects all the organizational processes. The quality of communication determines the effectiveness of the employees’ performance and the internal work structure in general. In addition, delivering the message to the customers and aligning marketing techniques with the communication strategies contribute to the promotion of the products and attraction of new potential clients. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze the communication inside the Apple company and evaluate its strategies with the employees and the public.

Communication at Apple

There are numerous communication channels in the Apple company that aim to create connections with the users of the production, shareholders, and employees of the organization. The most appropriate way of assessing the quality of the relations is through the human relations theory of communication. This approach implies helps to evaluate the style of interaction between the company and the public. It also explains how the manner of delivery impacts the perceptions of the receivers and what effects it has on their motivation to engage with the corporation or not. From the perspective of a human relations theory, the organization deals well with the task of building an understanding between all the parties of the connections. Apple developed several practices to evolve different kinds of communication. As for the written type of communication the organization uses the web-portals with all necessary information included, the electronic newsletters and reports which summarize the results of their activities. Considering verbal communication, the corporation uses video conferences, real-life meetings, and phone as well as online calls.

The way that management tries to reach the effectiveness between Apple and the public is relatively successful. One of their most efficient methods is their periodical reports regarding their business activity, innovations, and goals. They demonstrate corporate values, and aspirations and their ability to follow the trends and introduce the novelty to the market. It is a great opportunity for the people, investors, and media to identify the direction the company takes. The official website is well filled with information about the products and recent updates and it also provides sources to contact the representatives and get any help or assistance that is needed. Verbal communication proves its effectiveness and demonstrates how it can influence the public’s opinions and attract attention of the people to the company’s events.

For instance, the famous Apple is a rather anticipated occasionally over the world which gathers a huge audience consisting of millions of viewers online. Through that presentation, the management and developer of the company strive to promote the new devices and perceive to the public why they are better than the previous ones and illustrate their ability to develop innovative products. However, the public does not always positively react to that kind of interaction despite the interest it creates globally. Sometimes the developers fail to address the importance or necessity of certain new features or implementations which may leave the people confused and disappointed.

The organization succeeds in aligning its corporate goals with communication with the internal employees. The vision mission and values of Apple are based on their objective to create the best devices for personal usage which would provide an excellent experience for their users and impact the world through their technology (Rowland, 2022). Therefore, to build a connection with their workers not only on the interpersonal level but also integrate the understanding of the product for them and give access to the personal experience. Eventually, employees can learn about the devices practically and express their opinion in the surveys so that they have a clear perception of the production they have to deal with. In addition, from the beginning employees have guidance from their mentors and managers who help them to adapt and easier get involved in the process to understand the great experience with the devices and communication provided by Apple.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook uses several techniques in his leadership position to reach the audience. It is crucial to mention that the methods he uses are appropriate to use in the communication both in verbal and written ways. One of the most effective methods is the simple and clear structure of the speech that consists of three parts (Gallo, 2019). Whether it is an answer to the interview question or the explanation of the new strategy, the step-by-step explanation or message written by email or delivered by speech is equally effective, especially when it is used to reach an audience.

Another approach that ensures productive communication both verbally and in written form is the prioritization of the customer. Focusing on the clients’ needs and general satisfaction makes the company communicate with them constantly through different channels to leave them with positive emotions (Gallo, 2019). It is also an effective outreach technique that can build a stronger connection with the audience and increase its loyalty. Moreover, Cook can put the additional context into the situation and add an explanation where it is needed in case anything is unclear or portrays the occasion unfavorably (Gallo, 2019). Communication with the public through the written or verbal way is beneficial because it brings certain clarity and transparency to the communication.


Overall, Apple succeeds in the communication performance aspect of the organization and implements efficient strategies to maintain contact with the internal employees and the customers. Aligning the methods with the mission, and vision in value management demonstrates the outstanding results regarding the attraction of the potential customers and remaining the existed ones. All of this is possible due to the simple, yet effective leadership style of the CEO Tim Cook who spread his methods to manage the company and provide an audience outreach.


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