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Organizational behavior is one of the most discussed topics in business circles that strive to improve the performance of their teams. As discussed in the article by Jared Lewis (n.d.), this type of behavior results from “the structure and culture of the organization” (para. 1). For instance, understanding that certain activities prevent a company from succeeding may be helpful for developing suggestions for growth (Lewis, n.d.). The article discusses four practices that can facilitate the advancement of a firm: planning, feedback, group thinking, and measuring change (Lewis, n.d.). I agree that the first, third, and fourth techniques are essential for improving organizational behavior; however, I think the second is not as helpful as presented in this article. Indeed, the author claims that giving annual feedback to the staff has little impact on their work because it is more critical to cultivate progress-oriented culture than focusing on individual mistakes.

Planning, measuring change, and group thinking are critical for an organization’s success. Firstly, when employees see the next steps in their development, they are motivated to perform well. Furthermore, planning allows to maximize profit and reduce potential risks (Lewis, n.d.). Moreover, it requires the evaluation of previous patterns and behaviors to create a positive environment where workers are satisfied with their organizational structure (Rabha, 2021). Secondly, the change measurement is crucial for determining if strategies used by the leadership foster improvement or impede growth (Lewis, n.d.). Thirdly, group thinking enables the formation of a common identity and a sense of shared purpose among employees (Lewis, n.d.). For example, healthcare professionals significantly diminished the rate of medical errors through collaboration and collective reasoning (Lewis, n.d.). Overall, it appears that understanding organizational behavior can make a substantial contribution to creating a dynamic and encouraging culture in a company to boost its employees’ results.


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