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Online trading is gaining severe momentum due to the pandemic. To retain the customer in the era of digitalization, companies have to develop new strategies for providing services. The main driver of the growth of the e-commerce market this year was the COVID-19 pandemic. The online segment, which consumers previously underestimated, has become extremely popular around the world. Such online platforms as Ozon have become more prevalent in Russia, as people can buy goods from home, with delivery, and not waste time on a shopping trip.

E-commerce — is an electronic purchase or sale online. The development of global marketplaces and their growing availability allows anyone almost anywhere in the world to buy and sell without barriers. “Online retailing already accounts for 4.5% of total retail turnover and is growing by 25% a year, but the biggest companies are all growing by 70% or more” (Aris). This is feasible both on the domestic and foreign markets, reducing production and trade costs and saving time.

The most famous and popular Russian marketplace, which unites many companies selling various goods, is Ozon. Income in Ozon grew by as much as 70% in the first nine months of 2020, as people switched to online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic (Popova). Ozon specialists connect additional services to make it even more convenient for people to make purchases and thereby increase the company’s revenue. For example, customers have the opportunity to get a loan for the purchase of goods in this marketplace (Seeking Alpha). This increased customer loyalty to the company brought additional profit and attracted new customers who could take goods on credit.

In conclusion, many significant marketplaces in different countries have increased the flow of customers due to the pandemic. Russian e-commerce platform Ozon is rapidly developing and introducing new services to keep customers even after the pandemic. Many people have already appreciated the convenience of online ordering of goods, and home delivery without having to go outside. The company will continue to develop, probably with the entry into the international market.

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