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Professionals design personal development plans (PDPs) to match their current strengths and skills with their goals. A PDP is defined as an effective checklist intended to identify goals, required competencies, and areas that require continuous improvement. This PDP begins by utilizing a Skills Audit template to identify six skills critical for my organizational and professional objectives. Based on the outlined competencies, the second part outlines key activities intended to support the realization of my aims. The third part describes ways of remaining updated with my industry and organization. The next section discusses the major challenges I might encounter in the pursuit of my career aims and evidence-based strategies to tackle them.

Skills Audit Template

Skill Group Skill Type Rating (1-5) Actions for Improvement Timeframe
Data analysis Knowledge-based 3 Additional training in data analysis and execution of new projects August 2022- December 2022
Computer skills Knowledge-based 4 Improving my computer skills through continuous practice August 2022-December 2022
Communication Personal trait 5 Engaging in conversations and additional personal studies on communication August 2022- November 2022
Decision-making Personal trait 5 Engaging in numerous incidents and cases requiring improved and effective decision-making processes August 2022 – December 2022
Sales and marketing Knowledge-based 4 Engaging in marketing activities August 2022-December 2022
Leadership Personal trait 5 Being part of a team and practicing leadership skills August 2022-December 2022

Table 1: Audit of personal skills

The outlined competencies are important in-line with organizational objectives and professional standards. Specifically, technical skills in computers and data analysis are essential since they can help me to complete tasks much faster and guarantee organizational success (see Table 1). These competencies resonate with the needs of more companies operating in various digital industries. The selected behavioral skills of decision-making and communication help a person to interact with others and be involved in pursuing organizational aims (Aldulaimi, 2018). Personally, effective decision-making abilities will make it easier for me to solve problems and find solutions to emerging issues. In the business world, sales and marketing are key competencies that help companies deliver their products and services to the end customers. Similarly, effective leadership guides people to pursue their goals diligently while making their companies more successful.

Personal Development Needs

My long-term career aim within the selected organizational setting is to become a competent leader capable of maximizing business performance. Based on the Skills Audit, the three PPD needs that are critical to supporting my future goals include being a skilled manager, having better or improved communication abilities, and having the power to make timely decisions. These critical needs resonate with my present and future aims. To achieve the intended objectives, there is a need to consider two key activities. The first one is to engage in lifelong learning. This strategy has the potential to equip me with additional skills in management, communication, and leadership (van Woerkom & Meyers, 2019). The second activity is joining various teams to offer leadership and help the targeted followers make timely decisions. Such activity will present an opportunity to exercise proper communication, leadership, and decision-making. These key initiatives are evidence-based, informed by my current gaps, and capable of supporting my future professional objectives.

Remaining Informed and Updated

To remain updated, I always consider the political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) aspects associated with my industry. The political attribute sheds more light on the changing policies and government incentives capable of promoting or hindering organizational performance (Kjellström et al., 2020). The economic attribute helps me understand the best approaches for pursuing proper marketing in accordance with the recorded inflation, exchange rates, disposal income, and demand. The social factor helps me monitor the changing demographics, skills needed to support business operations, and cultural dynamics. The technological attribute made it easier for me to identify computer and data analysis skills as critical for the sector. Through lifelong learning, I believe that I will be in a position to acquire additional insights regarding the trends experienced in the industry. The approach will make it easier for me to identify the much-needed competencies and how I can apply them to improve organizational performance.

Personal Development Plan

What are my development objectives? Priority What activities do I need to undertake to achieve my objectives? What support/resources do I need to achieve my objectives? Target date for achieving my objectives Actual date for achieving my objectives
Improve my skills in computers and data analysis Increasing my skills in computers Enroll for short-term courses to improve my data analysis and computer skills Key resources include personal commitment, support from different educators, and learning materials. Computers and analytical software would help support my objectives I am planning to improve these skills from August to December 2022 The actual date for achieving my objectives would be by 20th December 2022
Improve my abilities in decision-making Improving my decision-making ability Attend programs and seminars intended to offer proper competencies in decision-making The support for this objective will come from the organizers and leaders of the selected seminars and programs. I will consult published materials focusing on effective decision-making I am planning to attend and complete the outlined seminars between August 2022 and December 2022 The actual date for achieving my objectives would be 15th December 2022
Become a good communicator Improved communication Identify and enroll for short-term programs focusing on proper communication skills Key resources include professionals who coach individuals to improve their communication abilities. I will join support teams to improve this skill Target dates include August 2022 to December 2022 The actual date for achieving my objectives would be 10th December 2022
Improve my leadership abilities Proper leadership philosophy Undertake various activities in leadership Key resources will include published materials and books on effective leadership tactics and how to apply them in different settings Target dates for achieving this objective include August 2022 to December 2022 The actual date for achieving my objectives would be 20thDecember 2022
Develop additional skills in sales and marketing Skills in marketing Undertake various activities intended to improve my marketing abilities The needed resources include personal initiative and support from experienced marketers in the organization Target dates include August 2022 to December 2022 The actual date for achieving my objectives would be 20th December 2022

Table 2: Personal development plan

To support the realization of the above objectives, I will engage in proper time management by allocating adequate time for each program, activity, and seminar. It is appropriate to liaise with the relevant leaders and mentors in an effort to complete the activities outlined above within the stipulated period (Coopersmith, 2022). Additionally, I will rely on the use of journal entries to denote what has been gained (see Table 2). The approach will make it easier for me to identify possible gaps and consult the relevant resources to make the process successful. Through these efforts, I will be in a position to implement the plan effectively and get closer to my professional and personal aims.

Possible Challenges

While the ultimate objective is to meet most of the personal and professional goals outlined above, the journey might be characterized by unique hurdles. The first possible problem capable of affecting the process is the inability to manage time more effectively. The fact that I expect to complete various activities, programs, and seminars within a period of five months could be tedious and unmanageable. Nonetheless, the best action plan to overcome the challenge is to remain resolute and focused throughout the process (Aguinis & Gabriel, 2022). I will maintain journal entries to manage all the intended activities and eventually record timely results.

The second predicament I anticipate is that of financial constraint. Most of the outlined projects and seminars require enrolment fees. The best action plan would be to liaise with different partners, family members, and relatives to present the much-needed financial support. The third possible hurdle arises from the fact that I should combine all these activities while continuing with my learning objectives (Aldulaimi, 2018). The use of an effective timetable will allow me to balance all activities until the much-needed goals are realized.


The completed PDP reveals I possess unique abilities capable of supporting my professional objectives. I can rely on the findings to engage in additional strategies to improve my skill sets. In conclusion, I am planning to continue engaging in a wide range of initiatives in the future since they are capable of supporting my personal and career goals. Such gains will prepare me for additional achievements and performance in the future.


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