Steven’s District Hospital’s Strategic Goals

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Steven’s District Hospital is a healthcare institution that bases its operations in Jefferson City in the United States. The hospital’s mission is ‘To improve health by providing high-quality care, comprehensive services and exceptional service.’ The institution’s vision is ‘To be a healthcare provider of choice for physicians and patients.’ Through the vision and mission statement, Steven’s District Hospital has been working on various goals to ensure the success of the two statements. Through the execution of various goals, the hospital has created a large multispecialty system with family practice doctors and physicians specializing in cardiology and female-centric services (Mahaboob, 2021). This essay discusses the facility’s strategic goals regarding its mission and vision.

Strategic Goals that Support the Hospital’s Mission and Vision

Financial Goals

Financial goals target to develop and generate revenue for any organization. Steven’s District Hospital has initiated a financial management team forming a special committee to conduct an audit on drug purchase, usage, storage, and hospital facilities. The goal aligns with the facility’s mission and vision statement because checking the internal expenditure prevents the misappropriation of funds and equipment that drive the provision of high-quality care and encourages physicians to work without insufficient resources and attract more clients to get clinical services from the hospital (Mahaboob, 2021). To measure whether the goal is effective, Steven’s District Hospital has not had staff turnover, and there is an increased flow of patients to the hospital, which means the financial checks have guaranteed quality care and an enhanced working environment minding that the hospital is non-profit making.

Economic Goals

The economic goals, in this case, ensure the provision of hospital income that shall ease the management of hospital affairs. Steven’s District Hospital clinical officers have advised the hospital’s top executives to introduce an independent psychotherapeutic department that shall draw patients with mental health issues as one way to bring a new source of income. The goal aligns with the vision and mission statement by allowing additional revenue to buy quality machines useful in diagnostic processes hence, comprehensive and improved care (Özdemir, Özalp & Akkaya, 2021). To measure the effectiveness of the goal, the hospital has realized improved scores in all care criteria since hospital resources are sufficient and functional.

Risk- or Quality-Improvement Goal

Quality improvement is important as it prevents a firm from unnecessary liabilities. Steven’s District Hospital has set a goal to improve its hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and Systems (HCAHPS) in all care criteria to a milestone of the 85th percentile (Özdemir, Özalp & Akkaya, 2021). The goal complements the institution’s vision and mission by barring lagging elements that may lead to poor patient care and constrain the physician’s capacity to offer patient care. The measuring aspect of the goal is the increased partnership with insurance agencies and collaboration with quality assurance experts that have to prevent the facility from operational risks.

Legal or Regulatory Goals

Legal goals are essential as they help a firm comply with rules regarding a specific field. Steven’s District Hospital’s goal is to operate within the hospital readmissions reduction program (HRRP) under the Affordable Care Act. The goal aligns with the mission and vision by reducing the payouts to the facility that may result from excessive patient readmissions. In that case, patients will be offered relief, and they will choose the care center on their next visit, and that is the strategic vision and mission call for Steven’s District Hospital. The measurement of this goal can be felt through the hospital’s approval of quality Medicaid and Medicare by the US Congressional oversight agencies linked to healthcare (Mahaboob, 2021). The reason is that Steven’s District Hospital has been following the set rules concerning the payout from readmitted patients hence, meeting the required conduct from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).


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