CustomInk Company’s Success Strategies

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Online services related to clothing have been gaining a growing interest over the last several decades worldwide. One of the first successful companies in this market became CustomInk, founded in 1999 in Fairfax, VA, by three college friends, Mark Katz, Mike Driscoll, and Dave Christensen (Real Time Cases, n.d.a). They show genuine care for their customers, leading to a steady rise in the company revenue, which is expected to increase to $123 billion the next year (Real Time Cases, n.d.a, p. 6). This firm allows users to design prints for apparel online and receive the actual products by mail (Gregg & Heath, 2019). It means that CustomInk’s target market can range from individuals to organizations. According to one of the company founders, Mark Katz, CustomInk talks about the broad possibilities printed T-shirts can bring: uniting a community, promoting a product, and sharing ideas (Real Time Cases, n.d.b). Indeed, this approach places their service on a different level, attracting new customers. Overall, by positioning non-material value to their products, CustomInk influences the target market by showing them that these T-shirts are not just fashion items but methods of connection and communication.

CustomInk’s primary strategy is to be a consumer-oriented company; hence, the entire team is always available to help potential customers with design free of charge. Therefore, all assistance before placing the actual order is free, and customers can receive reimbursement for late or damaged products (Real Time Cases, n.d.a). Furthermore, their website contains various samples that clients can use without being charged, allowing CustomInk to provide low-cost products to the target market (Real Time Cases, n.d.a). Indeed, these strategies make its services compelling and accessible to more people. CustomInk knows that recruiting more consumers requires care and connection because this attitude is more important for people than the low cost of a service or product. Finally, the fact that the firm relates its strategy to provide value and cheap service to the target market matters because it contributed to the company’s success and established a new understanding of this field.


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