Apple Incorporation’s Stock Market Project

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The strategy that Apple can apply is investing its own funds to develop its position in the stock market. Apple shares already have a significant value in the market, but at the same time there is great potential for development, as the market for securities prices develops and grows. Investing own funds in the development of shares would help increase their value, thanks to which the owners of shares, including the company’s stakeholders, would receive financial returns. Therefore, through investment, Apple could increase its value in the market, and create another source of profit for itself, no less than selling devices.

In the case of the share market, companies do not compete in the direction of their activities, but compete in terms of the value of one share. Apple’s stock has tripled in value since 2018, but compared to companies such as Tesla, whose price has increased more than 10x since 2018, this is a marginal increase (Curwen 149). Already during the pandemic, various stock market predictors recommended investing in the decline in Apple’s stock value (Yan et al. 4). To restore and improve its position in the Apple stock market, the company needs to use its financial resources to develop this direction.

In conclusion, the stock market is one of the sources of profit for any large corporation, including Apple. At the same time, the value of Apple shares, unlike other competing companies in the industry, has only tripled since 2018, while the company has a stable position in the market for selling electronic devices. Investing in the project of increasing the value of its shares would help Apple develop another line of earnings.

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