Communication Challenges Facing the Company

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Communication serves as a means of passing information from one person to another. Communication systems in an organization are very sensitive as they can be hastily and easily hampered. There exist multiple barriers to the flow of information. It is thus essential to ensure that anything being sent from the communication desk of an organization is clear to prevent the extinguishing of the communication’s purpose. In an organization, there is a flow of information between persons and departments via various communication mediums. These communication mediums can be verbal, electronic, or written. In the contemporary world, most conveyed information is via electronic means.

Linguistic Communication Challenge

Language obstacles are the root cause of multiple problems in an organization. For instance, efficient communication between managers and employees is crucial to ensuring quality services and products. Communication can be divided into two: verbal communication, the exchange of thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences, and feelings through written or spoken word (Erlangga & Sos, 2020). Non-verbal communication refers to exchanging emotions, ideas, feelings, experiences, thoughts, and opinions through body and sign language.

Linguistic Challenge Proposed Strategies

Particularly in multinational organizations, language barriers are a common issue. It is a double-edged sword in which natives should recognize the fact that it is not an accent that the other person develops, but instead, it is their culture that is influencing their way of speaking and thus creating a barrier to effectual communication (Erlangga & Sos, 2020). Various strategies, in addition to those discussed above, can help overcome these barriers. These additional strategies include:

  1. Speaking slowly and clearly.
  2. Avoiding the use of idioms.
  3. Enquiring for clarification.

Poor Customer Care Replies

Learning how to respond to complaints by clients is important. There are different mediums through which client complaints can come through. This includes Google Reviews, handwritten letters, and phone calls. Each communicates diverse frustration levels and needs inimitable solutions to resolve the issue. With this in mind, to ensure effective replies having a roadmap to rely on is important.

Poor Customer Proposed Strategies

The roadmap to rely upon should entail the following:

  1. Taking time to process the clients’ condemnations.
  2. Reading or listening carefully to the client’s complaints.
  3. Thanking clients for giving their feedback.
  4. Determining the appropriate action to take to ensure the problem is addressed.
  5. Include changes from the feedback from the clients.

Disconnect Between Internal and External Information

Knowing the difference between internal and external communication is vital to identifying when a disconnect exists between the two. Internal communication refers to when members of a company communicate between themselves. On the other hand, external communication refers to when members of a company communicate with an outside party. Another key difference is: For internal communication, participants are mostly the management and employees, and external participants are mostly shareholders, clients, and suppliers.

Disconnect Between Internal and External Information Proposed Strategies

Other differences include internal communication is frequently used while the frequency of use of external communication is relatively low. Internal communication flows inside the organization. External communication flows outside and in a wide business environment. The main objective of internal communication is the transmission of information between various business departments and units. The external communication objective is the exchange of information and preserving relationships between parties.


Communication is a key component of any organization. The operation department has observed key challenges. These challenges include linguistic challenges, poor customer care replies, and a disconnect between internal and external information. Specific strategies for each challenge have also been proposed. If the proposed strategies are effectively implemented, the company will have effective communication. Thus improving its overall performance.


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