The Trenitalia Firm’s Total Quality Management

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Total quality management is one of the critical aspects of the modern organization’s work. It can be determined as a specific approach to management focused on cultivating long-term success by attaining high client satisfaction levels through the constant improvement of all aspects and increasing employee engagement. The given concept can be viewed as a fundamental element of the transport industry as it helps to ensure there are no severe emergencies and that all passengers have access to high-quality and safe services.

Thus, to ensure all clients continue working with a specific company, Trenitalia, the central train operator in Italy, also responsible for Frecciarossa, a high-speed train, implements several aspects of TQM. First of all, following its official report, the company focuses on continuous improvement to ensure higher levels of client satisfaction and safety (Trenitalia, 2018). It means that people, equipment, materials, and procedures are evaluated to find possible defects or problematic issues (Trenitalia, 2018). It helps to avoid problematic situations that might emerge and guarantee that passengers will arrive at desired places without any complications or risks.

Furthermore, total quality management implies improving client satisfaction by meeting their needs. Trenitalia (2018) uses data from customer satisfaction surveys to find the most problematic areas or deficiencies and eliminate them. For example, Trenitalia offers 25% of the ticket price for a delay of more than 60 minutes (Trenitalia, 2018). It helps to address the problem reported by clients and avoid their dissatisfaction. At the same time, issues leading to delays, such as poor scheduling or technical problems, are addressed by eliminating them (Trenitalia, 2018). In such a way, it is possible to conclude that the selected transport company uses continuous improvement as one of the TQM methods to create the basis for further improvement.


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