The Coca-Cola Company’s Body of Knowledge Matrix

Topic: Company Information
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The object of the study is the Coca-Cola Company, which is known for its franchised administering structure. After examining the organization on the basis of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) matrix, it is possible to describe what information was gained in this assignment.

Firstly, the company’s application area is claimed to be “International logistics,” which was proved by showing that it is one of the most chosen brands with a high share level on the global market. It implies that The Coca-Cola Company’s primary focus is on widespread distribution that enables to obtain knowledge that international logistics is the major area of the organization.

Secondly, it is possible to discover through the BOK matrix that the company implements three methodologies: Optimization Modeling and Solution Techniques, other descriptive models, and risk management. The organization is focused on its efficiency improving in such areas as renewable sources of electricity use and e-commerce initiatives. The organization has a flexible planning process that enables it to predict potential demand for products successfully. In addition, risk management implementation shows a high level of distinct cultural, ethical, and other issues considering that influence positively the organization’s reputation.

Finally, it is possible to gain knowledge about the company’s planning level which is the operational one. The evidence is the system of daily interactions between cities, frequent manufacturing, and constant feedback obtaining, which form clear insight into points affecting the organization’s performance. BOK matrix proved itself as a valuable tool for an organization examining that enables to research a company from different directions.

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