The Brand Strategy of a Milk Tea Shop

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My dream job is running my own business, such as a milk tea shop. This sphere of employment fascinates me since I recently got acquainted with this industry. Moreover, I believe that the introduction of this product to the American market is of particular value, as it brings novelty and diversity to the world of beverages. I am especially interested in the digital layout of the strategy of my own milk tea shop. This is due to the fact that despite the growing popularity of this product, it still requires more dissemination among the public.


Therefore, the brand strategy of a milk tea shop should, first of all, provide customers with knowledge about what milk tea or bubble tea is. The research defines it as “a classic combination of sweetened black tea, milk, and tapioca balls are the very definition of bridging cultures with a drink” (Chau et al., 2022, para. 1). Interesting colors and appearance of this product can also be an advantage of bubble tea. In particular, digital marketing as a part of brand strategy is an advantage since media influencers can be used. This need is due to the fact that milk tea is popular among the younger generation, which actively uses social networks.


In conclusion, the use of digital technologies and social networks to promote the milk tea store is of interest to me. This is due to my own passion for this product and the desire to spread awareness about it. Therefore, digital marketing can help in providing product knowledge. The uniqueness of bubble tea is represented in its innovative recipe, a wide variety of flavors, and colors of fillings. Thus, each customer can create their own drink, which will correspond to their preferences.


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