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A Projected Timeline of Identification

The personnel officer must determine the number of personnel each unit will need and their anticipated availability dates. The information will assist the facility manager in making plans, anticipating demands, and getting ready ( Ahmad Azmy, 2018). The personnel officer may create a year-long hiring schedule outlining the roles to fill in each quarter, the overall workforce for each sector, and the start dates for each recruiting cycle.

Alerting existing workers of the opportunity is the first step in finding extremely competent potential recruits, and the human resource can use notice boards for advertising jobs internally. The human resource manager may decide to stop promoting the post If they decide to fill the role internally (Ahmad Azmy, 2018). However, the human resource can probably use the firm’s online platforms, employment listing websites like LinkedIn, trade journals, and regional newspaper adverts for external advertisements.

Active recruitment Activities

The human resource managers can directly contact suitable prospects through LinkedIn, social networking sites, and career fairs in addition to posting jobs. Active recruitment can assist in generating submissions from possible applicants who may be ideal for the vacant post but are not aggressively looking for new employment (Ahmad Azmy, 2018). The human resource personnel can also visit learning institutions such as technical and university colleges to look for suitable candidates to fill in the vacant posts.

Application Process that Applicant will Complete

Most executives know that choosing personnel is one of their hardest and most crucial management choices. The typical processes in the application procedure include the following: preliminary vetting, completing the application form, job assessments, in-person interview, contingent employment contract, history Inquiry and health check (Ahmad Azmy, 2018). The selected candidate gets hired if the business’s physical assessment findings are favorable.

Screening, Interview Processes and Final Selection

The group of candidates reduced by the application evaluation quiz and credential screening still has to be evaluated thoroughly. The preliminary candidate evaluation step thereby kicks off, creating a list of the remaining contestants to proceed to the interview stage (Ahmad Azmy, 2018). Following the selection procedure of prospects, the human resource does a quick assessment interview to reduce the field further. The human resource team chooses the prospect who best meets the predetermined specifications of the position based on the data obtained during the recruiting process.


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