A Medical Center’s Mission and Funding Strategies

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Throughout the class course, I have been concentrating on the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) local healthcare branch. The new mission statement for the medical center will be to promote personal empowerment, enhance mental health awareness, and provide continuum care for people living with mental ailments. The funding strategies for the newly developed psycho-social rehabilitation program include equity and self-funding. Regarding equity, the hospital management will receive money from the investors in exchange for company shares to ensure adequate implementation of the initiative (Weaver, 1998). At the same time, self-funding requires NAMI executives to allocate some of the firm revenue to support the rehabilitation program. The developed staffing plan is for NAMI, which acts as the case study organization. My agency’s key positions grounded on the program needs include consultants, volunteers, support staff, direct service personnel, administrators, support staff, and project managers.

Education and Background

One becomes an administrator by gaining academic qualifications by undertaking a college course, such as a business-related degree (human resource, finance, and commerce) integrated with information technology (IT) units or an apprenticeship. The primary rationale for the administrator’s education and background is to enable them to effectively maintain rehabilitated patients’ health records (McNamara, 2018). To a great extent, to be qualified support staff, one must have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma from a recognized educational institution. The educational background of support staff enables them to interact efficiently with rehabilitated patients, ensuring they cope with personal, vocational, and social issues. Direct service personnel must have a high school diploma and pass the general education development (GED) test (Management Library, 2022). They must have over six months of social service and health screening training. The background and education of the direct service professionals help them identify further symptoms of victims requiring continuum care.

The consultants must have completed a business-related bachelor’s degree (statistics, economics, and finance) course. At the same time, they require to have received certified management accountant (CMA), project management professional (PMP), and talent optimization consultant certifications (McNamara, 2022). The consultant’s background and education enable them to provide advice and expertise to NAMI management, focusing on legal compliance, administrative efficiency, procedural flows, work surrounding, and financial processes.

At the same time, the volunteers should have a psychology or business bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution and have undertaken short training courses on rehabilitation. Volunteers’ history and academic qualifications help them offer social and emotional support to rehabilitated patients and create mental awareness (Burke et al., 2013). Lastly, project managers must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in project planning and management and have undertaken numerous training courses in IT (McNamara, 2018). In addition, they should have acquired PMP and prince II certifications. The educational background aids the project manager in avoiding scope creep, which may cause the failure of successfully implementing NAMI’s new psycho-social rehabilitation program.

Cost Estimation, Training Plan, and Basic Organizational Design

Table 1: Staff Cost

Staff Category Particulars Amount
Volunteers Training $250
Transportation $200
Reimbursement $300
Project Managers Training $450
Accommodation $200
Movement $100
Consultants Per diem $500
Support Staff Training $400
Administrator Training $300
Direct Service personnel Training $400
Total $3100

Table 2: Training/Development Plan

Staff Category Training on: Cost
Support Staff
  • Equity and diversity
  • Orientation
Direct Service Personnel
  • Special needs
  • Worker safety
  • Technical and proficiency
Project Managers
  • Management and supervisory
  • Community engagement and orientation
Total Amount $1800

The development plan helps the company shareholders comprehend and address the staffing demands of a venture or within the existing departments. As illustrated in table 1, the total staffing cost is $3100, while table 2 shows that the incurred expenditure for training is $1800. The data findings show even though staffing is costly, it is required for the NAMI employees to receive training to ensure the successful execution of the psycho-social rehabilitation initiative. The basic organizational design in the agency will be implemented in the traditional hierarchy model, whereby the chief executive officer serves as the director of the company operations (McNamara, 2022). Moreover, managers will control various departments, including human resources, finance, marketing, sales, purchase, and operations. The hierarchical model ensures proper flow of communication and execution of duties with close monitoring resulting in improved company productivity.

Hello classmates, there are six jet job tasks that a hired grant writer must execute. At first, they are responsible for conducting donor mapping on the current and prospective new partnerships and fundraising opportunities. Secondly, the writer must prepare all grant-associated materials, including budgets, full proposals, and concept notes (McNamara, 2022). Thirdly, the grant writer should ensure sufficient management of the writing process and alert other departmental staffers of the upcoming deadlines associated with funding reports and letters of inquiry. At the same time, they must coordinate and monitor the progress of submitted proposals via the utilization of internal information and grant tracking systems (FAU School of SW, 2012). In addition, a grant writer maintains impact data, project progress reports, and institutional grant records and ensures to be updated on existing problems relative to grant proposals. Lastly, it is the responsibility of the grant writer to coordinate site visitation by the donors seeking to conduct the organization’s due diligence. The grant writer reports to the client company’s supervisor (project manager).

Significantly, my vision for the grant writer is to ensure proper development for the request for proposal and liaise with all available stakeholders to meet the company set objectives. I hope to acquire the right grants for my organization and involve many donors to ensure my company’s needs are sponsored to impact the community positively. The projected timeframe for the grant writing process and acquisition of the funds for my organization is one year, from November 5, 2022, to November 5, 2023. The following five questions will help me in hiring the appropriate grant writers during an interview:

  1. Please explain to me your experience with writing grants.
  2. What would your reaction be if the existing grant funder’s venture activities go against our company’s mission?
  3. What are the attributes of a well-written grant?
  4. Could you give me a list of typical mistakes when writing a grant proposal?
  5. Using an example, how do you tackle the issue of project deadlines?

The following multiple queries are considered illegal, and the interviewer must not ask a potential candidate:

  1. Where were you born, and are your parents, American citizens?
  2. Did you take a lengthy medical leave or any sick days in your last job?
  3. Within the last year, did you fill a work injury of employee’s compensation claim?
  4. What is your marital status, and do you have any children?
  5. What is your ethnicity, and which religion do you practice?


The proper interview etiquette involves behaviors demonstrated by an interviewee to the employer, substantially escalating the chances of being hired. At first, the appropriate dress code, extensive research on the company, and asking questions help create an impression on the interviewers (FAU School of SW, 2012). In addition, being respectful to one another and showcasing effective interpersonal communication skills is crucial, as being rude reduces the chances of being trustworthy, thus not being recruited.


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