Project Management Office’s Benefits and Limitations

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A definition of project management office (PMO) was obtained from an article by Krishnan Kaushik from the following link. A PMO acts as a department that seeks to ensure that projects meet desired standards while enhancing the process in which a project is managed (Kaushik, 2021). In this case, a PMO plays a significant role in project documentation, desirable practices and ensuring that the project status is up to date. It seeks to ensure that a project in which an organization engages leads to an achievement of desired goals.

One of the advantages of being a project manager within a PMO is that it helps eliminate priority conflicts between projects while facilitating decisions regarding overall risks and customer relationships. In this case, a project manager easily identifies the project with minimal risks and prioritizes resources for its implementation (Gido & Clements, 2017). In this case, a project manager will likely achieve project success while also seeking to ensure that a project enhances its customer relationship.

A disadvantage that a project manager is likely to face within a PMO is the financial costs involved in building and maintaining the office. A project manager must consider the payroll, needed tools and offices, especially when a PMO is to be funded by the project they seek to implement. In this case, the financial costs of building and implementing a PMO might end up inflating the project’s budget while also affecting the return on investment.

In my opinion, the advantages of a PMO to a project manager outweigh its disadvantages since it seeks to ensure that a project achieves the desired goals. In this case, an organization does not invest resources in projects that end up causing financial losses. It would be recommendable for an organization to increase its budget for a particular project if it is likely to play a significant role in enhancing its success.


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