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Globalization refers to the increased speed with which people, goods, services, capital, technologies, and cultural practices move throughout the world. Globalization’s most evident effects are undoubtedly those on the business sphere (Lang and Ms Marina 16). Globalization has resulted in significant growth in trade and economic exchanges, as well as an increase in financial exchanges. Despite its benefits, the globalization-driven economic boom has not been without controversy. Globalization’s impacts include cultural loss, climate change, and many others.

Background of Globalization

Globalization is one of the trends experienced in the 21st century. It is defined as the process of economic integration and interdependence among countries in the world’s economy. It is associated with an increasing cross-border movement of goods, services, technology, people, and the organization of economic activities. One of the advantages of globalization is the creation of a global market, which is beneficial to businesses. However, there are serious negative effects that are linked with globalization. Some of these effects are climate change and overpopulation. As a result, globalization is one of the global trends with a series of advantages and disadvantages.

The Significance of the Issue to the Society

Globalization is a concept known due to the benefits it brings to society. According to Stobierski, any country that participates in the global economy is likely to benefit from globalization. Economic growth results in higher living standards, higher earnings, more wealth in a country, and, in many cases, less poverty. Apart from economic growth, globalization enhances cooperation among different cultures across the globe. This promotes learning as people exchange important ideas on various aspects. The concept also brings a lot of opportunities to all countries through job opportunities and the availability of labor.

Thesis Statement

Globalization comes with its share of problems affecting the community. There are several negative effects of globalization that makes it unfit for the overall development of the world. For example, it is one of the main contributing factors to the current climate change. Globalization comes with increased trade and overpopulation which can increase environmental pollution. In addition, it leads to the erosion of small cultures with dominant cultures in the world. As a result, globalization should be stopped due to its negative impacts, such as climate change, human overpopulation, cultural erosion, and many more.

The Negative Effects of Globalization: Human Overpopulation

Human overpopulation is among the effects of globalization. It is defined as a situation where the number of people exceeds the resources to sustain them.

Due to globalization, overpopulation has gotten out of control in contemporary society. When people migrate to regions with more opportunities, they are likely to cause a rise in population in the areas of migration (Burlacu et al. 125). In addition, the demand for cheap labor in developing countries has caused families to give birth to many children. This is increasing the population of the world.

Global Issues

Climate change

Climate change is one of the issues affecting people across the globe. Stobierski posits that globalization is among the contributing factors to current climate change. For example, the development of many industries in developed countries was supported by globalization due to the existence of global markets. For example, the increase in the demand for products leads to increased production and, ultimately emission of carbon into the environment.


The second global issue caused by globalization is pollution. The different types of pollution are air, water, noise, and many more. It is one of the contributing factors to poor health among people. When industries are built or generate more products to meet the growing global demand, there is a possibility of increased pollution to the environment. In addition, the sale of bottled water and drinks across the globe is leading to increased pollution.

Globalization Erodes Cultures

Globalization is among the forces that have caused cultural erosion. This is a situation where a given culture loses its core element by adopting other cultures. One of the forces that have successfully fueled this loss is globalization (McCann 70). As people move across the globe, they exchange values and practices. However, it has always been that a dominant culture absorbs a less dominant one in society. For example, western culture has dominated the world over time and has led to the erosion of some cultures.

Globalization Has Led to Job Insecurity

Job insecurity is a creation of globalization. Before globalization, people were sure of job opportunities in the market once they completed their college and university programs. An individual would land a good job because there were many opportunities. However, things changed due to globalization as people from all over the world started looking for available opportunities. As a result, the citizens of a country were forced to compete with others from other nations in the job market.

Positive Effects of Globalization

Economic Growth

Although globalization has a major adverse effect, it can contribute to the economic development of most regions across the globe. It expands the market for businesses throughout the world. For example, businesses can consider going international to expand their market. This means an increase in revenue and provision of employment opportunities. This is an indication that globalization helps in solving the issue of poverty, especially in developing countries.

Globalization Promotes Peace

Globalization pulls governments closer together so that they can work together to achieve common goals. For example, as a result of globalization, international leaders have become aware of the consequences of pollution and have vowed to work together to combat climate change (McCann 79). Also, a country that trades a lot of goods and services with another is unlikely to attack it in the event of a misunderstanding.

Globalization Promotes International Collaboration in Tech Industry

Globalization is among the forces that drive innovation and technological development across the globe. Innovation is facilitated when people come together to share important information. Globalization has enabled the exchange of important information from one person to another and from one place to another. For example, the global sharing of information has helped in the exchange of technological ideas (McCann 98). One is able to learn ideas and concepts from others.

Climate Justice

Climate justice emerged from the fact that there are a few individuals who bear historical responsibility for climate change, despite the fact that it disproportionately affects the poorest and most vulnerable. It has mostly been used to frame the difference between industrialized nations, which have been burning enormous amounts of fossil fuels freely for centuries, and poorer places, which are the most vulnerable to climate change (Almeida 974). As a result of globalization, the effects of climate change are being felt across the globe.

My opinion

The problem identified is the negative impacts of globalization. The findings from the research have shown that globalization can have some adverse impacts. The first impact is its contribution to the issue of human overpopulation. As people move from one place to another, they are more likely to overpopulate the area. The second effect is climate change. This aspect continues to attract the attention of many individuals, groups, and governments across the globe. The third impact is cultural erosion, where the dominant cultures, such as the western cultures, absorb others.

Although globalization has some benefits, its existence is dangerous to society. It tends to bring more harm compared to benefits. As a result, I might differ from people who support it due to its benefits. In my opinion, globalization should be banned to lower its impact on the environment. This opinion is influenced by the fact that there are more disadvantages than advantages. In addition, it is one of the major contributing factors to global issues such as climate change, pollution, and many more. Therefore, globalization should be banned to reduce its adverse impact.


Globalization is not suitable for the world due to its negative effects. Despite the benefits of economic advancement, the adverse impacts are diverse. One of the negative effects of globalization is climate change. It has contributed to massive emissions of greenhouse gases to the environment. The second effect is cultural loss, especially the fewer cultures being absorbed by dominant ones. The third effect is human overpopulation experienced in developed countries. Therefore, in my view, globalization should be controlled.

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