Corporate Social Responsibility at Amazon

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulatory business model that enables a corporation to be transparent and accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the general public. Companies may be aware of the influence they have on all parts of society, mainly financial, social, and environmental issues, by engaging in corporate social responsibility, often known as corporate citizenship (Hariyani et al., 2022). Amazon is one of the largest corporations that apply this practice to their business.

Accepting the current criticism, which called for an aggressive implementation of sustainability in the work and services provided by the company – mapping a way forward requires a coordinated approach. Companies should seriously address this issue, so a logical and adequate solution to this issue is the basis of a scientific approach. My offer includes hiring experts in the field of chemical and biological engineering. Such a move will allow the company to focus on reducing carbon emissions and switch to full-fledged alternative energy. However, the company recently hired 200 scientists to help with this task (Dean, 2022). As a result, this will significantly improve the company’s reputation among local communities.

It is worth recognizing that the company also reacts poorly to questions on protecting workers’ rights. To solve this problem, it is worth introducing a new policy that would allow employees to take part in solving the critical issues of the company. That is, within the framework of CSR, namely ethical responsibility, employees are required to know about all decisions that concern them and the company’s operational issues. As practice shows, such a policy improves financial transparency and net profit indicators (Dudovskiy, 2022). Thus, the CSS is a vital tool for effective business functioning in modern conditions, when the market, in addition to demand, is dictated by socio-economic and environmental requirements.


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