Workplace Diversity in the Technology Industry

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Diversity in business is a hot topic right now, and many governments have introduced or strengthened diversity and equality legislation to ensure equal opportunity in the workplace. There’s a growing body of research showing that businesses with a more diverse workforce perform better on a variety of measures, from more money to more innovative ideas. Promoting diversity in your business is easier said than done.


Hiring the right employees can be tough, businesses need a certain set of skills. Finding people who poses such skills and are willing to work and have the right personality and motivation to join your company is tough. If people are created equal, it is logical to assume that talent is created equal. By providing equality and equal access to positions of any complexity, the company will become widely sought after throughout the world, because every partner will be aware of the right ethical approach. Equity in organizations is a key element in the movement toward development and profit growth.


Another key advantage: Teams that are more diverse tend to be more innovative. When employees think that their organization is supportive of diversity, it increases their ability to innovate. New ideas emerge when people are confronted with different opinions and have to rethink their assumptions. Teams with a mix of men and women produce patents that are cited by other researchers 30-40% more often than average. The study concludes that it is possible that originality and diverse thinking are responsible, although more research is needed to substantiate causality.


Achieving a more diverse workforce in technology is more difficult than it seems. To start, it’s important to be aware of the many various aspects of diversity, such as race and gender, may come into view, but it’s also about sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, etc. Most importantly, don’t forget about your existing workforce either. Workers may need more training or help to overcome any problems that arise from the changes you are making.

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