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Project management necessitates a set of core talents essential to a project’s success. Planning, leadership, risk management, time management, and critical analysis are all necessary skills required for the success of a project (Joubert). According to the article from Northeastern University titled “The Critical Role of Communication in Project Management,” the talent that underpins all project management necessities, communication, is possibly the most crucial in project management (Joubert). Project managers are constantly tasked with a range of duties and obligations. As a result, practical communication skills and techniques to coordinate everyone’s effort while working on a project is critical to achieving common goals and objectives.

According to the article, the capability to communicate with internal and external stakeholders is not an easy feat. This is because effective project communication implements various concepts that need thorough attention (Nyandongo et al.). For instance, project managers need to establish good communication channels that would allow them to coordinate and delegate duties effectively (Joubert). Thus, project managers must use the current technology to create suitable communication protocols. For instance, they can use emails, social media platforms, or video confession technologies within their communication protocols. On the other hand, project managers must also be vigilant on cultural aspects and barriers to communication to avoid breaching the cultural conventions of various individuals working on the project at hand. The information in the Gido text is similar to the article’s analogy as it supports how the article tackles the concept of project management.

Communication is essential in project management since project teams often entail specialists with diverse backgrounds and different levels of expertise (Nyandongo et al.). Therefore, communication helps delegate duties to the parties involved in a given project efficiently, hence projecting project success. Poor communication skills often lead to misguidance due to a lack of sufficient information, thus leading to eventual project failure (Joubert). Henceforth, as a project manager, it is crucial to ensure that communication protocols are adhered to during project execution to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

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