Apple Inc.’s Competitive Strategy

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Strategy is the process a company adopts to maintain its competitive advantage. Strategy is a well-planned and considered course of action that points towards desired outcomes. The well-being and sustainable competitive gains depend on the existing strategy used by a firm. While many companies strive to achieve long-term goals, such as realizing a profitable future and developing sustainable growth, other companies entirely focus on their short-term goal of maintaining their competitive advantages. The Apple Company is such an example of this type of Company. Apple is a brand that has been overgrowing since its inception. Its products, such as iPod and iPhone, are popular with consumers and investors due to their quality and innovation. Apple can maintain an advantage over its competitors because it invests heavily in research and development to find emerging trends in technology, especially mobile devices. This essay discusses how Apple’s business strategy has maintained its long-term competitive advantage.

The Apple Company’s Business Strategy

The Apple Company has established a business strategy focusing on innovation, facilitating consumer needs beyond the existing marketing plan. This strategy is in three key categories: product, manufacturing, and distribution (Laricchia, 2022). The Apple Company has ensured it can still deliver high-quality products while finding ways to innovate. The Company has been able to do this through diversification of its business portfolio, including products sold in many different areas, such as music and video streaming services. They want consumers to recognize the Apple name as synonymous with quality, so they market their products as being “the best,” even though there may be other products that might be equally or more expensive (Kangyi, 2021). The Company provides customers with a wide range of products and services which are easy to use and attractive to consumers. The Company has been successful since its inception because it provides an excellent customer experience through its products and services.

Explicit Strategy of Apple Inc.

The Apple Company’s Strategy is explicit, and explicit statements are well defined, objective, and specific. The strategy is evident because they want to recruit the best talent in the market. Other techniques include having a fair hiring process, providing tailored training programs and mentorship, offering health benefits and flexible work schedules, and keeping salary increases reasonable.

Innovation as an Explicit Strategy by Apple’s Management

Apple’s explicit strategy is to be innovative, which they seek to accomplish through their products, services, and software that capture the imagination of their customers. This strategy positions Apple as a leading innovator in all categories: Internet, TV, notebooks, and mobile phones. This explicit strategy is in many aspects of its business, including product design, price positioning, and promotion. The plan is evident in how Apple advertises itself on its websites (Laricchia, 2022). This strategy ensures that customers can easily find the product they want by browsing the website or visiting retail stores. The Company has already been in operation for 30 years, so it is apparent that they have adapted to changing times and client preferences. Apple’s explicit strategy is to improve the customer experience and make technology simple, intuitive, and fun. Apple’s precise system is taking Apple’s current market position and expanding upon it to create a new market position in a new territory (Kangyi, 2021). Their target market is already large and seeking out smaller products to fit their needs, making them an ideal candidate for the next generation of mobile technology.

The Positive Effects of Apple’s Explicit Strategy

The explicit strategy is a good fit for Apple because it allows control and flexibility in hands-on operational aspects of product development that are different from other companies in their industry. The primary benefit is the ability to create marketable products with an immediate solution to customer issues or problems, which makes it easier for customers to see the value. This direct approach helps lead to brand loyalty, driving faster sales growth than other products (Laricchia, 2022). The explicit strategy is effective because it allows the business to focus more on its core competencies and on offering products that meet a particular need. The design is a good fit for Apple because it has a clear, objective, and straightforward approach to achieving that vision (Kangyi, 2021). Additionally, the strategy is a good fit for Apple because its target audience is new and young. The design will be able to reach the younger generations of Apple users while also maintaining a high standard of quality, which would be an added advantage


Apple is a leader in innovation and an example to the rest of the technology industry. Apple’s strategy is explicit because it uses only one tactic: target market segmentation. The brand awareness for Apple is significant and higher than most brands in their market range. A strong brand image is essential for product and brand recognition. This strategy will aid in building good relationships for repeat purchases of their products. Apple emphasizes that to sell a product, it must meet or exceed the expectations of a defined target market. This is due to existing potential rivals that offer a similar product, hence the need to uphold its quality standards. So far, Apple has successfully pursued its strategy and created a massive demand for its products, especially with its iPhone.


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