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Digital marketing plays an important goal in uplifting the productivity goals of a business. More significantly, now that there are many online businesses in the modern world and technology is advancing every day, online is the way to go for business. In the past, the online market used to be for big businesses. However, in the 21st century, a lot has changed, and even individual retail businesses can sell online. Sunshine is a stationery and gift car retail shop that has recently started. The primary goal is to foster its performance in the market through the digital marketing theories that exist. Web and social is one of the most common marketing tools generally across all the platforms. In essence, the digital marketing approach will play an essential role in uplifting the sales of Sunshine stationery and gift shop in the future.

Situation Review

Sunshine is a stationery and gift shop that has recently started as a retail shop. Despite being small, the business has desired an excellent marketing plan for its strategies in the online media. The business operates online as most goods are delivered through online channels. The business has a budget of £15,000 for online digital media. Sunshine retail shop aims to utilize the budget in increasing the number of sales and creating a good brand name. A good image promotes more sales to businesses through customer attraction on social media (Schultz, 2020). The shop has operated for a while and based on the research; some changes could increase the number of customers. The firm has aimed at good performance and ensuring that there are more leads and more traffic online. Therefore, the primary goal is to use the existing budget in achieving all the initial company plans.

Over the past, Sunshine has been operating on a low budget; however, based on the assessment, the management realized there was so much potential online. For example, the company’s sales have been growing in the social media trends in the past. Sunshine has achieved a 35% increment in sales by just having a budget of £5,000. Increasing this budget to £15,000 will imply that there will be more visitors online, and the leads will also proceed to be sales. A significant of marketing events are conducted online, which means that there is a higher likelihood that the retail shop will generate more sales from the website than before (Wilson and Farese, 2020). Hence, Sunshine is likely to get more businesses with a higher budget on the ads.

Table1: Online Budget and Sales Revenue

Year Budget (£) Sales (£) % Revenue
2021 5,000 100,000 30
2020 3,000 60,000 20
2019 2,000 40,000 15

The approach to online regional marketing has played a significant role despite the minimal investment rates of Sunshine. For example, based on the table above, the retail shop has been applying a minimal budget in online marketing, but the results were tremendous. The increase in percentage revenue has meant a lot for many companies since 2019 despite other factors like the Covid-19 pandemic invading the market (Hudson, 2020). However, many businesses discovered digital marketing platforms through such means. Therefore, based on the above performance, the company must consider investing in the techniques because of the expected sales capacity.

Vision and Objectives

Market the Brand Name

Sunshine is a small business and aims at becoming a prominent wholesaler and distributor in the market. To uplift the idea, the business plans to invest in its brand to increase its strength and image in the market. Research by Sudaryanto et al. (2021) has affirmed that brand image increases online media attention on social media platforms. The business will distribute the awarded budget to the various objectives depending on the need. For instance, social media platforms will be the best approach to grow the brand because most young people are online. The social media platform will take 75% of the total capital invested. The high budget will ensure that sunshine receives the required. Therefore, the gifts will mainly be sold via social media and the web.

Increase the Sales and Productivity of the Company

Sunshine’s primary goal is to promote its sales in the market and earn more capital to grow the business further. Through the investment in online media, there will be an expected growth because of the investment in social media and the web. There are many users of digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the world (Mekonnen, 2018). The business gets most of its sales through Facebook, Instagram, and the website based on past needs assessments. By sunshine focusing on the online media, it will be easy for the retail shop to increase sales through mass attention and brand image growth. The company’s sales are expected to increase by 55 %, as estimated by applying the £ 15,000 budget to the plan implementation. The retail shop will likely get more income because of the generated leads in the daises. Therefore, uplifting their sales in the market and fostering brand strength.

Digital Marketing Goals

Sunshine mainly implements digital marketing strategies to increase sales and grow its revenue. The online retail shop has created a good network online that will be able to create a better structure at the end of the implementation process. The goals will be mainly targeted at promoting the quality of service provided online and increasing the competitive advantage of online businesses (Proctor, 2020). The company has thus aimed at the following goals to achieve sales at the end of the project.

Continuous Flow of Customer Leads

Sunshine will promote its products and social media links in the online market to help increase sales leads. For example, by increasing the budget spent on Facebook and Instagram, the business is expected to increase the number of clicks and further sales. The website will promote all the social media platforms to ensure that the retail shop utilizes the online space well in promoting their sales. Hudson (2018) has argued that the online marketing platform’s primary focus is generating more sales. Thus, the number of potential clients will increase through digital market platforms.

Brand Building

Extending and growing the internet market involves building a strong brand. It is an extensive process that involves more capital, but it is very significant in developing more market segments for the shops. Nori (2020) has argued that many customers are more likely to trust well-branded businesses. As such, Sunshine focusing on the strength of its brand will create better sales and image in the future. Through the internet, Sunshine will be targeting building diversity in a wide range of products globally. Therefore, the company will be aiming at selling products to many regions across the world.

Lowering the Cost of Customer Acquisition

Like any other online retail shape, Sunshine faces the high cost of acquiring new customers from the market. As such, the retail brand aims to invest more money in digital platforms to get more loyal customers who can push the brand to the next level. Digital marketing is one of the ideal ways of increasing the market reach of a business (Hyseni, 2018). Sunshine will place pay ads on social media platforms to ensure that the customers are aware of the products. Thus, these policies will create a better way of applying the technique in extending the brand in various segments.

Online Digital Marketing Strategy

Sunshine retail shop aims at increasing its sales through two major approaches: social media and website marketing strategies. The business has focused on online media because of the nature of the goods and services. Stationery and gift cards are goods that can be easily bought online because they are required at events. More significantly, most of the events are always marketed online. Research by (Charlesworth, 2018) has affirmed that digital marketing strategies are the most applicable techniques across all the segments a business can choose. The strategy will be comprehensive because it will involve creating a brand that will make sales on all the platforms. Thus, the following are the significant ways sunshine will implement the plan.

Social Media Marketing

Sunshine has been operating on online platforms for a long time and has noted that most of its sales are generated via social media. The business has thus aimed to promote the business online by linking the channels on the website and other media platforms. There will be ads generated both online and offline to promote the idea in the market. Many companies have invested online and have ideally grown and achieved their objectives (Diachuk, 2021). Sunshine has mainly targeted increasing their market segment by promoting their ads online. The retail shop will create a targeted market for the products based on the trending events online. The gift cards will sell on the days there are many events or occasions. The ads will focus on the events like weddings, birthdays, or even marriage anniversaries. The main tools of social media will be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as they have many followers and people active every time. These media category will take a budget of 70% because of the intensity of the sales generated from these platforms. Therefore, Sunshine will extend its market segments and increase its sales on Facebook and other social media techniques.

Website Marketing

The website will also be another media platform considered in the plan. Sunshine has a website; however, the business will need to market the web link to other websites. Based on the company’s sales in the previous years, Sunshine has not been earning well from the website compared to social media class. However, the website can be promoted to initiate more leads and further earnings for the business. Therefore, investing in lead sales will increase the productivity of sunshine in the future.

Table 2: Budget for Social Media Marketing

Platform Budget (£) % Growth
Facebook 4,500 40
Instagram 3,000 30
Twitter 3,000 15
Website 4,500 15

Value Proposition

The value proposition is an online and offline media strategy that mainly focuses on the quality of the goods sold to the customers. The primary aim is to convince the buyer that the goods will fit their needs perfectly. Research by Drummond, O’Toole, and McGrath (2020) has affirmed that a business with a strong value proposition gets to perform better in the market by gaining more sales and revenue. For example, Sunshine will promote gift cards and stationery by giving the value and worth of the products to the consumers. The customers are the essential stakeholder of the whole marketing plan.

The quality of the products delivered by Sunshine will be the priority to the buyers. For instance, Sunshine will invest in getting goods of the best quality from the top-rated suppliers in the market. The quality of gift cards and stationery will play a significant role in marketing the products on online media programs. More significantly, they will help implement the strategy better as per the stated approaches and objectives. Stationery and gift cards are products that need more focus on branding. Sunshine will invest in a good branding image to help in winning the customer’s trust in buying more products. In addition, the after-sale services like offering transport for the people within CBD and commissions will increase customer loyalty to the products in the market. Therefore, Sunshine will be able to win the market through the quality of the delivered commodities.


The truth that digital marketing platforms play an essential role in promoting productivity through business sales cannot be ignored. More significantly, Sunshine is expected to gain more sales and earn more customer loyalty in the online market by implementing the approach. However, the cost of implementing the plan will always be increasing because the business will need to grow its customers every year. Hence, Sunshine will have new and loyal customers built from the online brand. The strategy is expected to bring about more growth and productivity in Sunshine. Therefore, the retail business is likely to extend more market segments globally by implementing the approach.

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