The Motivational Performance Improvement Plan

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A firm is a diversified environment with many individuals executing various duties. Organizations that fail to recognize the human resource problem frequently lose qualified employees who are underused or bored. As a result, businesses and supervisors must remain responsible for ensuring that employees enjoy working. The adoption of the 5-core features job paradigm is one of the methods for achieving this aim. The discussion that follows illustrates how the program may be used to increase a sales manager’s productivity and dedication.

Variety and Identity

Diversification Strategy Responsibilities Mr. Smith is a great way to inspire him and improve his performance. Presently, the employee is primarily responsible for customer complaints and proposal evaluation. Changing the job responsibilities will assist in breaking up the monotony and encourage Smith to appreciate his employment. The current policy at XYZ Enterprises is for Smith to handle the majority of customer complaints, with the employer making the final decision on what happens to the dissatisfied customers. The situation renders Mr. Smith’s job uncertain and perplexing. Using a working model with five core attributes will help Mrs. Edward hand over complete control of the case to Mr. Smith so that he can feel confident in the organization.

Significance and Autonomy

Many consumers were left unattended, and the sales staff were dismissed. Customers wait in line for hours for their calls to be answered. Smith’s duty entails contacting unsatisfied clients and persuading them to renew their contract with the provider. As a result, allowing Smith to finish the job and take credit for it will restore his drive, since others will recognize his importance in the entity’s existence. Smith’s independence is limited by his obligation to work for the organization’s owner. As a result, the investor has complete control over her company, making Smith and the other employees feel undervalued. Allowing Smith to use his abilities to develop and achieve the foundation without restraint will increase his motivation and confidence in his work, eliminating the growing problem of distrust.

Evaluation and Feedback

Because of existing HR procedures, XYZ Enterprises employees do not know enough about their performance. The CEO of the firm scarcely has time to examine and provide performance reports to employees. Mrs. Edward must remove herself from the numerous superfluous responsibilities of delivering staff performance reports and training them as needed for enhanced feedback and incentive. A sales manager who has the opportunity to function freely and take on a variety of tasks throughout time is apparently enthusiastic. Managers working under entrepreneurs and managing a portion of a commission, on the other hand, fail to match the 5-core characteristics Job Model’s prerequisites for higher productivity.


One of the most successful techniques for promoting ethics and diversification in a business is the effectiveness of performance motivating strategy. Furthermore, the customer constituent offers specific vision-based strategies to urge customers to interact with the company. Similarly, the internal processes aspect defines and specifies the particular procedures to be implemented in order to satisfy consumers and shareholders. In addition, the firm will develop new discussions to encourage input provision. For simplicity of access, many of these response pathways will be connected via the Internet. The motivation stems from a desire to save money, which shows a high level of distrust in the organization’s executives. The firm’s few surviving employees assist in the implementation of policies and provide technical assistance to consumers.

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