Organizational Culture and Its Levels

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The term ‘culture’ is notoriously challenging to pinpoint to a single description. In my understanding, this subject refers to a set of traditions, values, and visions of the future in a community. As a bank employee, I can describe the culture within my organization as both employee- and customer-oriented, as people within it tend to prioritize developing close relationships with both clients and partners. Together, we work on providing the best possible service. In this post, I will analyze the type of my organization’s culture, its aspects, and how I fit into it.

First of all, strictness is a primary aspect of my bank’s business. The work climate in a firm often manifests through employees’ and leaders’ modes of communication (Kinicki & Williams, 2020). The first level that refers to visible artifacts of the company’s culture can be seen as our bustling lounge area, which ensures that positive interactions occur among workers. The second norm is how employees and managers conduct themselves with others, which becomes apparent through our strict separation of business and personal talks, which are limited to appropriate places. The third level contains our core values, which are guided by the nature of our company’s operations and applied to our communications to ensure their relevance to a situation. Judging by the competing values framework, our bank has a clan type of culture (Kinicki & Williams, 2020). While I had some difficulties adjusting to such a differing tone of interactions, I believe that I fit in my organization’s environment after the initial acclimatization.

In conclusion, each firm develops its unique culture that represents the values that are essential for its business operations. People who find their work climate to be suitable to their character can learn how to fit into the community by ensuring that both visible and communicated aspects of their firm’s shared traditions and vision. Employees tend to acclimatize to the environment eventually, although it might take time for them to grasp all three levels of organizational culture.


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