Importance of Training Program for Employees

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Devising effective training programs is an essential task of every manager since these are staff competences that, in many ways, determine success or a failure of an enterprise. To ensure that the work is done effectively, managers design training programs that allow employees to get the basics of the work ahead as well as the in-depth understanding of the processes that take place within a company. For new staff, training takes part at two levels: employee orientation and in-house training programs. Among the most effective in-house training programs are technical and technological training, quality training, skills training, and team training.

In my training program, I would use the basic methods of staff training in the workplace. Mentoring – attaching an experienced mentor to the trainee to help in mastering work functions. A mentor is a person with work experience in the company, a professional in his field, ready to share knowledge and experience with new employees of the organization. Mentoring is one of the methods of adaptation of employees, their initial training to work in the company. The mentor not only teaches beginners the specifics of performing labor functions, but also introduces the team, norms and rules of conduct in the organization. A method of training close to mentoring is counseling. It involves helping the student to master the necessary professional and personal knowledge and skills. On the first day of a new employee’s work, the personnel department employees and those responsible for safety, as well as the immediate supervisor, can act as consultants on various issues for him. In the process of work, a beginner can receive the required information from colleagues.

Storytelling is a method of training new employees, which consists in familiarizing them with the stories and myths of the company, containing information about the rules of behavior in it. On-the-job training, as a method of training employees of the organization, is used mainly for beginners. It involves familiarizing the employee with the methods of performing labor functions and the equipment used directly in the process of performing labor duties. It can be carried out on specialized work sites.

Staff rotation is the movement of employees to other positions within the organization in order for them to acquire additional knowledge and skills. It allows employees to get acquainted with various areas of work and divisions of the company. As a rule, the duration of stay in one unit ranges from three months to one year. The secondment training method is closely related to rotation. It involves the temporary relocation of an employee to other jobs, followed by a return to his duties.

Such a method of staff training as an internship can be implemented inside the organization, as well as outside it, for example, when sending employees to another organization with a similar profile of activity. Internship is a training event aimed at mastering a new type of professional activity, or professional development of an employee. The internship involves observing experienced colleagues and performing certain tasks under their guidance. Some organizations conduct short-term internships for students of educational institutions and young professionals. Scientists distinguish three types of internship: “next to a professional”, “in the absence of a professional”, “group internship”. An internship of the type “next to a professional” is similar to a foreign method of training employees called shadowing (translated from English as “being a shadow”). It implies the constant support of a qualified specialist in the required field in the process of performing his professional duties. As a result, the employee receives information about the specifics of the work of the specialist for whose position claims, as well as about the knowledge and skills that he needs to additionally receive. The internship “in the absence of a professional” is distinguished by the fact that the trainee temporarily performs some work without having a professional sample in front of him. The group internship is aimed at training several employees assigned to similar positions. In the course of training, lectures and seminars are organized for them.

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